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Cathy Antunes
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Sarasota residents must be able to access and enjoy our public beaches. Lido Beach Pavilion (formerly Lido Casino) has a long history of offering free & affordable, family friendly beach amenities (including an ocean front swimming pool). This legacy is under threat! The City Commission is being asked to approve government use, major conditional use and site plan changes which will transform Lido Pavilion into a late night tiki bar, destination restaurant and private $100/day cabana facility, creating an exclusive club atmosphere and monopolizing parking. The proposed changes are a de facto privatization and are incompatible with a public beach amenity. Sign and share the petition to oppose these changes!

Today the restaurant at Lido Pavilion seats 100 patrons, leaving parking for those who just want to use the beach (parking capacity is about 300 vehicles). The proposed site plan change includes a 39 seat tiki bar, a 200 seat restaurant, and 15 private cabanas (6 seats per cabana) renting for $100 a day. Employees will need parking, as well as the pool patrons who don’t fork over $100 for a cabana. (the applicants plan to hike pool fees for non-cabana renters as well). Parking demands would surge even more if special events, like weddings, take place on the proposed lawn. The changes are untenable due to parking issues alone. When asked, the applicants said they have not studied the impact their plan will have on traffic or parking.

Over improving Lido Pavilion will detract from the laid back, accessible beach experience that Sarasota visitors and residents appreciate and expect at Lido. Unreasonable fees and monopolized parking will prevent Sarasota families from enjoying a facility that belongs to them. Half of Sarasota’s children are born into poverty. Approving changes which will make our public beach facility a means of lining the pockets of insiders is an affront to families struggling to make ends meet.

Advocates for Lido Beach Pavilion need your help! We are asking City of Sarasota residents and Lido Beach visitors - visitors from Sarasota County, the state of Florida, the US and beyond - to sign this petition and share it with others. Tell the Sarasota City Commission to say no to government use, major conditional use and site plan changes to Lido Beach Pavilion. Sign the petition, Share the petition!

This petition will be presented to the Sarasota City Commission. Write to all the City Commissioners and share your thoughts at

Write to individual City Commissioners to express your opinion and request a meeting at the following e-mail addresses:

Mayor Liz Alpert
(District 2)

Vice Mayor Jen Ahearn-Koch

Commissioner Willie Shaw
(District 1)

Commissioner Hagen Brody

Commissioner Shelli Freeland Eddie
(District 3)

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