Save indoor tennis in Manhattan now before it is too late!!!

Michael Filipek
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The Parks Department will soon make a decision that may permanently remove the eight indoor tennis courts underneath the Queensboro Bridge (aka Sutton East Tennis Club) after the 2017/18 season. These courts have existed for 44 years and have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of New Yorkers. If these courts are removed then the largest public indoor tennis facility in Manhattan will be no more and over 65 people will no longer have a paycheck. Let the Parks department know how valuable these courts are to tennis players, families and children from all over NYC; particularly those living on the Upper East Side. In recent years several indoor tennis facilities have been closed in New York City. This trend cannot continue. It is essential that people have places to learn and play tennis and this facility is one of the few remaining places in Manhattan. Tell the Parks Department that you support indoor tennis underneath the Queensboro Bridge!



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