Save Hopewell House For Future Generations

Christine Pavlyk
Christine Pavlyk 784 Comments
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To Legacy Health: President, Board of Trustees, and to Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned community members, are opposed to the decision made by Legacy Health to close down and repurpose Hopewell House, 6171 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland 97239. It has been providing exceptional and essential services to our community for decades, and it is vitally important that it continue.

We strongly urge Legacy Health to reconsider this decision, to remove the present closing date, and to work with a representative group to find a solution for continuance of care. Hopewell House was built on property donated by the Henningsen family; the funding to complete acquisition and to build the caregiving wing was raised from Foundations and individuals. These services and this sacred place must be preserved for future generations.



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