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Imvu needs an art community.

I know the biggest source of money for imvu isn't the GASR forum. 
However, you people don't understand how much money is made from the forum. 

The fact of the mater is IMVU tends to ONLY FIX PROBLEMS THAT WILL MAKE THEM MONEY. It's very clear why they would rather shut down the GASR forum instead of try and fix it.
What you don't understand is not giving us a forum and and art community will lose YOU money in the end.

IMVU we all know at the end of the day you're a bunch of greedy bastards.

We have been here for YEARS and have watched you change. 

We sat around and we watched you place a credit limit (limiting how much money we could send). That was all "fine and dandy" because at least you claimed it was for our good.

 Then you make creators VIP only making buying our avatar names ABSOLUTELY USELESS
No good will ever come for this but your own wallets. 

Then the changes you made to your site to "benefit us" are in small supply and most of the time UNNECESSARY.  

If we wanted fishdom or whatever we'd play it on a different site.

You gave us pulse. 
 What do we REALLY need twitter on IMVU? 

 And finally you gave us music...
 The selection of songs is quite frightening and most times when you go in a room it's just annoying.

 You spend so much time and effort giving us stuff NOBODY ASKS FOR OR WANTS, but when it comes to the things we actually care about you could care less.  

Well guess what IMVU the people who are apart of the ART COMMUNITY HERE actually are good customers.

 Because we're apart of something BIGGER we come back we buy your products your rooms your credits because we like the art produced here. 

Most people who come on GASR stay here for years because we feel apart of something. 

ARE YOU REALLY TRYING TO PLEASE the people who come on join the client and go on imvu for a month and then quit? 

We have been here for you imvu and with things like GASR we keep coming back. If you take this HUGE community away you REALLY do not understand the magnitude of what you are doing. 

 SURE if you're happy with people being on IMVU for a month getting bored quick (cause EVERYTHING ELSE you've worked hard on is less than stellar) then take away GASR.

You can't be bothered to listen to anyone.
I've said I'll I've need to say and chances are you won't even bother to read it. 

 I've been on your site since 2006.
To be honest, I never actually CARED about this site UNTIL I found the art community here.
 Then I started spending money on your "services". 

 The problem isn't us even. On all websites there will be scammers it's the fact that YOU refuse to deal with the problem even though we've TRIED to come up with ways to keep everyone safe and happy. BUT NO because you'd rather ignore the problem we should allow YOU to take away our community. 

 If you go through with this (which you probably will) I'm done with your site. 
 And I won't be the only one.


Bedlam @ IMVU


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