Save Bus Service on Wisconsin Avenue

Elisabeth Poteat
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Metro is considering dropping several 30 series buses along Wisconsin Avenue, eliminating the wonderful direct service that carries residents of Glover Park to the Hill, the Smithsonian museums, and all of the federal agencies along Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, that employs hundreds of Glover Park residents. These buses already fill up during the morning and evening commutes, and are often so full they must bypass the stop located at Hall Place. The problem is not a glut of bus service, but Metro's failure to address the bunching of buses. If you do not make your voice heard, Metro will eliminate some of this service.

We have already suffered a neighborhood body blow from the three year loss of Whole Foods. A lack of transit is a known factor in neighborhood decline. Even if you drive to work, you should care how this will impact your property values, traffic and appeal of Glover Park.



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