Save Bluebird Salon's New Facade!

Ariel Shannon
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We, the citizens of San Luis Obispo, request that the City of San Luis Obispo and The Cultural Heritage Committee allow Bluebird Salon to finish installing their proposed wood cladding on the front facade of 742 Marsh St. We have seen Bluebird Salon's proposed drawings, as well as the progress on the building thus far, and we think that it is a beautiful addition to our City. The mix of old and new architecture improves the visual appeal of 742 Marsh St. while retaining a good portion of its original character. It also elevates the charm of downtown within the context of the surrounding buildings. Bluebird Salon's facade project will exemplify our community's desire to support sustainable material choices in our building projects. Please consider allowing Bluebird Salon to complete the wood cladding at 742 Marsh St. Thank you!



April 1
We are now live!



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