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Hi Everyone,
As you may or may not have already heard recent changes in the SA’s policy towards campus clubs has threatened to effectively shut down Anime on Campus.  Previously as long as we had permission from copyright holders to show the animes that they have licenced in North America we have been able to show them, but recent SA policy changes will prevent us from showing anything at our club meetings. As many of you know the majority of our meetings revolve around showing anime and preventing us from doing so will prevent our club from operating during the upcoming school year.

Over the last six years we informed copyright holders of our activities and made sure not to show anything that they requested us not to show. We understand the SA’s concerns regarding the legal risks associated with showing copyrighted materials. In order to accommodate this we have offered to include the SA in all correspondence with the companies we contact in order to make it easier for them to audit our club and to ensure that we have received consent to show what we show on viewing nights.

Although we have not outright been told that club will be shut down we have not received a straight answer about whether or not it can continue in its current form. Our first meeting has been had to be moved and we have no guarantee that we will even be able to have it. We also have not had any of our meetings for the semester approved. Operating under this kind of uncertainty has made it impossible for us to advertise our meetings.

Please show your support for Anime on Campus by signing this petition. As one of the largest and longest running clubs at DC/UOIT we hope to show the SA that we help to improve the college/university experience for a large number of students.

Thank-you for your support!
Your Anime on Campus Executive Team