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Its Time to Listen to Body Attack Members!

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We, Fitness First members, signatories of this petition, are becoming increasingly concerned by a number of recent management decisions which are having a directly negative impact on our gym experience. In particular disappearing Body Attack classes and popular instructor names from the timetable and increasing restrictions imposed on instructors, is resulting in diminished enjoyment of our classes.

It is particularly disappointing that as loyal long term participants of Body Attack classes and paying customers at Fitness First, instructors feel obligated to deny our requests for fear of infringing some arbitrary rules set by management. Furthermore we are deeply concerned by the obvious bias and petty politics driving enforcement of such rules as it has the highest impact on the classes we love most. We request that the Fitness First Singapore central management:

1. Start prioritising members' wishes, welfare and enjoyment in ALL decision making

2. Cease replacing popular Body Attack classes with unpopular programs such as Hardcore. Hardcore is NOT an adequate substitute

3. Scrap rules which are completely inconsistent with members preferred classes such as 'no playing old tracks' and treat the guidelines from Les Mills on older releases as guidelines rather than mandate

4. Cease penalising instructors who take note of member requests and incorporate such feedback into their classes. Such behaviour should be encouraged for ALL Fitness First instructors instead of worrying about arbitrary rules

5. Consider instructors with a loyal following an asset rather than a threat or nuisance, and channel reprimands to activities that actually do have actual negative impact on participants' experiences (e.g. Late to class, missing moves, unclear instructions, terrible technique)

6. Review current termination and suspension of instructors based on the members point of view

7. Investigate and address the unpopularity of certain instructors before giving them more classes and implement a proper quality control and feedback system by members

8. Implement a more flexible and open leadership approach for each program which allows for more than one style – the head teacher's way is not the only way to deliver a GX class.

9. Review the performance of the BA Head teacher. Head teacher should work for the benefit of the members and not entertaining petty politics.

If you do not mind, please leave your membership number in the comment box. You can also leave a few numbers hidden. For example: SG80000137XX

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