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Sarah For Big Brother 17

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I'll be 25 years old by the time I (hopefully) get on Big Brother. My goal with this petition is to get soooo many signatures that CBS can't say no.

I live by the motto You Only Live Once (YOLO) and if I didn't make this petition, I would think I didn't do enough. This opportunity of a lifetime would be an adventure and an experience I would remember forever.I think you'll get the vibe that I’m extremely persistent and driven, so here I go…

I am a BB super fan and would LOVE an opportunity to audition for season 17. If I were on the show, I would resurrect the reputation of a Jewish girl (because God knows Victoria didn't give us the best representation). I am a strong, opinionated, well-spoken Jewish female and I would love to represent that on TV. This year the girls got crushed and it’s time for us to win it!

To start, I have never missed an episode of Big Brother. I can tell you everyone who has won and why the jury doesn’t see the Diary Room “confessionals” of the remaining houseguests since Danielle lost back in season 3 because of it. There’s a ton more I know about the show but I wanted to make this short and sweet…but let me take it back to 2004 really quickly.

In 2004, when I was 14, my family and I went up the coast of California and into Oregon to visit colleges that my sister was interested in going to. Every day of this trip, without fail, I went tocbs.comand found a contact email for Big Brother and I would write a letter asking for the twist to be a 14 year old in the house. I thought if I was able to get into the house, no one would want to vote me out because I was 14 and cute, but nothing came of that, obviously.

Now, 10 years later, I’m writing another letter, and hopefully it doesn’t fall on deaf ears…or I guess in this case it would be blind eyes. BUT I will tell you why I would be amazing on #BB17:

1. I am a poker shark! I’ve been playing since I was about 7...and I win! The men don’t know what to make of me because my poker face is a smile and they can’t tell if I win because of luck or skill.I love to play with the big boys.The truth is, I have strategy, skill and luck. Something I think I can incorporate into my BB game.

2. I speak my mind. I have a
blog/ I have a ton of readers each week and I tell it like it is. People love it! I talk about boys and the horrible dates I’ve been on. Why not call someone out who needs it? I think people respect me for that plus, I’m totally down for a showman!

3. I love to have fun and make people happy. Something I love to do is dress up! Even if it’s not Halloween, why not dress up?!? Over the past 5 years I have been a plethora of different things...mostly things that incorporate tutus with the outfit. I’ve dressed up as a lollipop, rainbow sprinkles, the queen of hearts and even an Eskimo to name a few. This always puts smiles on people’s faces. YOLO so might as well make the best of it! Plus,
I wouldn’t let you or America down!

Let’s get some kick-ass girls in next season and rock it out!

I will send in another video this year and go to the open casting calls too but I would love the opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience that IS Big Brother!

Thank you for reading all of this!

P.S. I talk in hashtags...a lot, and would love for my new motto to be:#YOBBO! You Only Big Brother Once(unless of course you're loved and come back for an all-star season...but I'd go into the house thinking I had one shot...and I better make it amazing!). #IsThatWeird?

Sarah For #BB17!!!

Please pass this along to friends, family and fans of Big Brother...because I asked politely and because I wrote this lovely poem for you all :)

I’ve watched big brother
Since season one
Call me a superfan
Because I’m second to none

I know the game
I would play it well
With my mad poker skills
There wouldn’t be a tell

I’m a petite little thing
Standing barely 5 feet tall
I’m cute, I’m smart
I’m just a doll

But like Derek I am a fox
Cunning and slick
At the same time I’m loveable
No one would catch on to my trick

I’ll be a fan favorite
Maybe a showmance will work
I’m open to all possibilities
With a wink and smirk

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