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Suraj Keshwala
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This petition is aimed at bringing to light the gross injustice carried out by SANTANDER PLC on over 139 communities across England and wales. The recent news of Santander closing down its entire agency network consisting of 139 agencies has caused a catastrophic upheaval not only amongst the many thousands of employed personal, but the vast majority of the communities in which these agencies serve affecting more than 200,000 customers directly.

Many lifelines have been destroyed; how does Santander expect the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable members of the community to travel vast distances for their usual banking needs? Alongside this these closures have caused Unimaginable destruction in the lives of the owners of such agencies and employees who are now left with no job, no future, utter turmoil and a mountain of debts for the agents that have invested in Santander.

This contemptuous treatment of the communities by an international corporation that puts profits above people shall not be tolerated!

All efforts have been made by Santander to keep the news of its agency network closures under the radar, seemingly to brush the entire ordeal “under the carpet” but together we shall not let this issue go unresolved. Santander cannot ruin so many lives without repercussions from the communities they demolish.

Please can you sign this petition and forward to all your friends and family, together as one united community we shall take this matter further in order to receive a fair and justified solution that befits everyone.





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