New Dress Code at Sammy J Peppers

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Given that Sammy J peppers is planning to enforce a new dress code: \"Servers must wear stylish shoes with a heal, or boots...(NO FLAT SHOES....)\" by May 25, 2007, we are concerned for the health and safety of the servers. Wearing high heeled shoes when waitressing, tending bar or hostessing at a restaurant makes it difficult to safely perform one\'s duties. The shoewear is uncomfortable, can cause injury on the job and can exasperate already existing injuries (lower back problems, knee injuries, hernias, etc.). We, the undersigned workers at Sammy J Peppers restaurants and concerned customers, petition that the owners/regional managers change the footwear clause in the dress code to say, "Workers will wear suitable footwear for their own health and safety as well as looking presentable/fashionable".


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