Salish Sea World Heritage Site Petition

Laurie  Gourlay
Laurie Gourlay 198 Comments
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To: The Governments of Canada, and all elected representatives

The economic and environmental benefits of a World Heritage Site offer important assistance and protections for our historical, cultural and natural heritage.

I urge you to contribute to Canada's legacy and to our coastal marine protected areas,

...and to support the application to have the Salish Sea recognized as a World Heritage Site.

We count on your leadership to preserve the beauty, biodiversity and health of these unique ocean waters; and by way of this to help restore the fisheries, productivity and livelihoods which have sustained the Salish Sea's traditional communities and contemporary economies.

Please support protection of our coast's culture and nature, and the recognition of the Salish Sea as a World Heritage Site.

Salish Sea Trust, Box 333, Cedar, B.C., V9X 1W1, (



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