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Please Help Us Get Our Dogs Back

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We are trying to appeal a decision made by the courts declaring our male and female Saint Bernard dogs dangerous because they injured a German Shepard that was new to the neighborhood. Although no one saw the fight start, we feel strongly that it was not our dogs since they have never done this to any other dog or person. However, in Virginia, the Dangerous Dog Law says that it only takes one time to declare them dangerous if it happens off of our property. The female was pregnant at the time and was probably protecting herself and unborn pups when attacked. The male would have naturally helped her as he is very attached to her. They have been impounded and in order for us to get them back after the court appeal, we will have to abide by some very strict and expensive regulations. We not only have to register them as dangerous, we must also, keep them in a special kennel, pay fees each year, have them on a leash and muzzle when out, spay and neuter, and carry $100,000.00 liability or surety bond on each dog. Our county euthanizes every dog that is declared dangerous and that is the bulk of the animal control officer\'s job. If a dog harms a person, it is declared vicious, and euthanized. We want our dogs to be given a second chance as they are very dear to us and our children. Hopefully, this will be the start of getting the law amended so family pets will not be killed needlessly.We know this is happening to family pets in our county on a daily basis. We, therefore, request that Prince Edward Circuit Courts return the two Saint Bernard dogs to their owners without being deemed dangerous dogs and an effort be made to amend the law so that given the circumstances some dogs will have a second chance. This petition will be submitted to the Prince Edward Circuit Court on April 22,2008. If you support our efforts to return the dogs without being deemed dangerous, please add your signature.


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