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Exam Petition We, the students of seventh and eighth grade, wrote this petition for two main reasons; to restore exam days back to half days, and to gain the privilege of wearing appropriate attire of our choice during the exams. We have several good reasons to do so. The first being that when we have half days, we go home and start studying for the next exams, and having a full day will greatly shorten our studying time. We feel that this ill advised change will negatively affect our grades. Also, being forced to prepare for our following exams in our classroom will not allow some of us to use our individual study methods. Condensing the amount of time we are provided to study will be stressful for the students, as we feel that one hour is not enough time to both unwind and review the material for the exams. Not only will the changes be harsh on the students, the teachers must not be forgotten. Prior to the all day exams, teachers had time at home to grade the exams that had been completed. Due to the new schedule, teachers have to stay in the school for longer and have very little time to grade the exams. Giving these reasons, we believe that whatever good that may come out of this change, is far outweighed by the bad. Therefore, we believe that we should remove this unnecessary change. The reasons for wearing an outfit of our choice is relatively simple: to be comfortable during our exams in order to reach our full potential. If you are wearing an uncomfortable outfit, it is much more difficult to concentrate, resulting in a poor test score. We believe that three free spirit days for seventh and eighth grade would help us feel more relaxed and help us get the best possible exam score. This only states a few of the many reasons that we should not have full days on exam days, and should be allowed to wear clothes of our choice during exams.



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