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Safe Streets For Our Children

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This Is For Every Familyy In The Town Of Port Colborne.... Its Time To Speak Up... And Use Your WORDS... As each day goes by more and more Sex Offenders are being brought into This Small Town... And Each Dayy More and More Young Children Are At Risk Of Something HORRIBLE That Could Happen To Them.... Not Only The Children are At Risk But Us Adults As well... Its NOT RIGHT for them To Be Making These Houses For These People... And Without Telling Us Isn't Fair... There Are TONS OF CHILDREN IN THIS SMALL TOWN and Some Have Many Disabilities In Which Can Not Learn That Well.... Some Parents Have Clled The Police and asked about this... And they give us prety much the "run around" Well Clearly Their children or families are not in this area for them to GIVE TWO SHITS.... Well I Am One of The YOUNG ADULTS who do live in this AREA.... And Am Wiling To Speak Up About This Along With My MOTHER.... But Nothing Can Be Done Without EveryOne Who Does NOT AGREE WITH THIS... One Mother was Told By AN Officer Your Gunna Have To Make Your Kids "street smart" How IN THE HELL... Are You Suspose To Make Kids "STREET SMART" A two Year Old Or Anyone who is of age.. Does NOT matter the age Of The Person... A SEX OFFENDER IS gunna get WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT IT ..... Any Human From The Age 1years Old TO 50 OR 100... Can Be Sexually Asulted.... Does Not Matter Your Knowledge of Stret Smarts.... Every Man Woman Child.. Is at risk And is in danger of being hurt... PHYISCALLY AND MENTALLY.. I As a person who has been assulted... Knows How It Feels and What Kind of damage It Does To YOU... And In MOST CASES. Its Never Gunna Be easy To forget ABOUT it... It stays in your life forever... As People In Port Colborne.. Just Sit Around and gossip about It Its Never Goig To Stop.. No One Want They Children Or GrandKids Or Sister or brother or mother or father or anyone for the matter to have to deal with something that is so easy to stopp... There are so many storie on the news about this person and that person being assulted .. And Now They Plan To Make Have-way Houses for these ppl in a TOWN.... Put then in the countryyy ... or far away from children... What right do they have to live in a area with us ppl.....THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE NONE... Its Not Fair For The Parents Of PortColborne To Have To Worry about their child going outside to playw ith their friends and thinking in the back of their mind that he or she can be assulted... Not RIGHT AT ALL... If We as Port Colborne Ppl DO NOT SPEAK UP Who Is Gunna Stop It.... And Every Day MORE AND MORE PPL ARE AT RISK

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