Let's get a safer place to meet for church for the health of our children.

Joy Delgado
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Meeting for church should be a safe place. In a location where questionable smells and pews that may be broken there's big questions. Unfortunately, no clear answers. Who suffers? The children and disabled. They have no one to stand up for them. For the sake of the safety of our children please find a safer place to meet that has been fully inspected for the possibility of mold, dust, chairs, and cleanliness of the childrens' class rooms.  It is irresponsible for a church group to meet for church in a place that has not been inspected first for the health and safety of our children and disabled. Illnesses related to meeting in an unclean environment should be the churches liability since children and the disabled are innocent and trust the church to have a safe place to meet. It is therefore suggested immediately to change locations even temporarily to avoid further damage and look for another safer alternative.  This is to avoid any legal action that may be pressed upon the church with unsafe conditions either by an asthmatic child or persons with disabilities if they would be negatively affected by visiting this church. Legal actions are more costly in the long run and devastating to a churches reputation than the cost of finding a clean safe place to meet for church especially for the children and disabled.  The following people agree with this petition.


Concerned parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, God parents that want a safe place for children and the disabled to meet for church.