Campaign for safer Boundary/ Highway H

Rachel Ruhlen
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Boundary/ Highway H is a narrow road with high speed traffic. It gets a large volume of traffic, and is widely used by joggers, walkers and cyclists. Coming from the south, Highway H has a 55 mph speed limit extending into the city limit. The 35 mph zone begins just south of La Harpe. This street could be made safer at little expense. One option is to extend the 35 mph zone south to Shepherd. Another option is graduated speed zones, for example introducing a 45 mph zone between Shepherd and the current 35 mph zone. For more information, please contact Rachel at, (573) 268-8770 or (660) 626-2889, or visit

Campaign for safer Boundary/ Hwy H

I urge Kirksville City Council and MoDOT to work with area residents to find a real solution to the problem of traffic driving too fast for safety on Boundary/ Hwy H.