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Palgrave Public School has decided to install wireless internet in January 2013. While wireless internet may be fine in a home environment as there are usually only a few computers and they are spaced throughout the house it doesn't work in a school environment because you could have up to 20 wireless devices all with transmitters as well as the wireless transmitter itself in one room creating this enormous amount of radiation for a room full of children with very thin skulls and little defenses. France and Switzerland have just banned wireless in their schools and the internet was invented in Switzerland. They are going back to cables (fibre optic) for their internet. Many other European countries are attempting to pass legislation now to follow their lead. Would these countries around the world be going this route if there were not studies showing the potential long term effects on their children? These countries are not prepared to gamble with their childrens' health. Why should we? It's a proven fact that microwave radiation is a carcinogen (causes cancer). Wireless internet is microwave radiation. Usually it is at lower levels where it may not be a concern, but that is not the case in a school environment. There are hundreds of studies that show the dangers at this intensity level to humans, let alone children. Here is a video that shows a person with a microwave radiation detector going into a school that has switched to wireless. You'll see that it isn't just the wireless transmitter that is pumping it out, but the other laptop or portable devices that are creating an environment that has 5 times the radiation of being next to a cell phone tower and radiation 1000 times higher than any European country allows. The most important part to watch is the school testing part which starts at the 7 minute 20 second mark where he tells you what he will test and goes into the school, so if you want to skip to there you will be skipping some valuable research, but from that 7 minute mark on shows the key test taking place in the school: We, the concerned parents of children at Palgrave School believe that technology should be embraced and that the internet is extremely important for learning in this day and age. Computers hooked up to the internet using wires are even faster. Wired internet is a 100% safe alternative to wireless internet and Palgrave school already has it. Regards, Concerned Parents of Palgrave School