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We, the residents, friends and visitors of the virtual World OSgrid are highly concerned about the recent happenings. In order to re-establish a peaceful, enjoyful, pleasant World where Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Ideas, Freedom of Self Expression is guaranteed, we request the following actions from the current governing body, namely Hiro Protatonist, to take place immediately.  Actions are ordered by priority:

  1. Create a legal non-profit organization with elected board members.
  2. Until Paragraph 1 is completed. Nothing than necessary technical changes can be executed by the current non-elected governance board. Disciplinary Measures of Violations of the Rules which were published by latest 1st January 2013, especially Plaza and Grid Bans, have to be accepted by a majority of the Townhall Meeting participants in the Townhall Meeting following the day of the violation. A Townhall Meeting can not decide with less than 7 participants and at least 2 residents from outside of the United States.
  3. Immediately cease to publish or enforce any new regulations in OSgrid and revert and postpone any new regulation created between January 1st 2013 and now until a legal and grid wide accepted governance is in place.
  4. Immediately stop any activity of the "Greeter" Group until a legal elected board has created and published the "Swimlanes" where the "Greeter" Group can act in between.
  5. Immediately stop any changes at the Plaza Structure until a legal and grid wide accepted governance is in place.
  6. The governance board has to establish regulations and procedures when and what disciplinary measures have to be executed in case of violations of grid wide ratified regulations especially on the central plaza, where Residents or Visitors are teleported to, in case of a technical failure of any kind.
  7. The CEO of the OSGrid non-profit organization has to be elected every year.





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