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To the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners,

We the Safe Alachua County Coalition, are hereby requesting that Covid-19 not be paired with studied and proven strains on the immune system. The pandemic is still effecting the lives of many people in Alachua County. Both high levels of EMF exposure and millimeter-waves are proven to strain the immune system. As we already know persons with compromised immune systems are the ones most effected by Covid-19. Referenced studies and documentation can be found on our site safealachua.org. For these reasons, we are asking for a moratorium on the non-essential activity of 5G roll out, until Covid- 19 has fully subsided.

A member of our community recently moved from CA, and filmed EMF readings of 99 (the highest possible on their reader) a block away from new 5G small cells. The reader detected 0 EMFs only 1 ft away from a phone, laptop, smart meters and wifi router, meaning our bodies are not use to constant high levels of EMFs. These videos are on our site, as well as information about privacy violations, property value decrease and harm to health. With the kind of EMF exposure 5G is guaranteed to bring, our bodies will be dealing with 9 harmful effects mentioned below and make it much more challenging to fight Covid-19.

Following the Homeland Security and the FCC orders, local authorities have emergency powers to place a moratorium on non-essential activity, including the ability to pause all pending wireless zoning and right-of-way applications and to shut down new wireless construction.

If this technology is not paused, anyone with already existing health issues (e.g. elderly and Covid-19 infected citizens) will suffer additional immune strain which will likely cause an increase in the overall death toll.

Under normal circumstances we are aware that radiation exposure is not a cause for which you could pause telecom installations. However, due to Covid you do have the power to postpone it. Many county commissioners offices have voted to pause, restrict or stop 5G in their area.

Please watch our short clips of professionals and experts on this topic (e.g. doctors, vetted scientists, and the former president of Microsoft Canada) sharing why 5G is not safe. In one video Martin Pall, Phd shares that 8 types of repeated studies on government safety guidelines, each type having 9-38 different reviews, all conclude that government safety guidelines are not safe. Rather, there are 9 very harmful effects of EMF exposure well below our government safety guidelines, that have been concluded by large numbers of studies.

The 9 effects of EMF exposure, far lower than FCC safety standard, are lowered fertility in men and women, neurological / neuropsychiatric issues, excessive intracellular calcium [Ca2+]i, oxidative stress & free radical damage, apoptosis (programmed cell death), 3 types of cellular DNA damage, cancer, endocrine (hormonal) effects and cardiac effects including rapid heartbeat, slow heartbeat and arrhythmia, which is associated with sudden cardiac death, which is currently on the rise. *See Videos

We also have videos that speak to invasion of privacy,The Brigade General Robert S. Spalding shares his first hand knowledge of the privacy threat of 5G that is unconstitutional and unavoidable. Please also review the scientific articles provided on our site and the 2017 petition of 400 doctors and 2,000 scientists who knew of 5G’s ability to harm.

Since these small cells emit up to 99 EMFs one block away, and they are to be installed every 500 feet (2-3 blocks) continuous high levels of EMF exposure will be placed upon Alachua County citizens around the clock, 365 days a year, if 5G is installed. This level of consistent exposure is unprecedented and it should be reiterated that no safety testing on said levels of exposure have ever been administered. The effects of much less exposure to EMFs and millimeter waves have been tested and both have been proven to cause a myriad of diseases and heavily tax the immune system. *See Videos and Article Links on our site.

We do not even know the full breadth of harm 5G can cause, yet recently a cell tower has been taken down in CA, from a school, due to 8 teachers and children being diagnosed with cancer within a 3 year period. *See Article Links

This petition asks that you; Mr. Byerly, Ms. Wheeler, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Cornell and Mr. Chestnut place a moratorium on all 5G progression for at least one year, or until the threat of Covid-19 has fully passed. Please use your power to postpone this unessential technology during this pandemic, which is still present even after we “open up” as Covid-19 restrictions shift.

We have additional links on safealachua.org showing action stopping 5G already taking place by communities. The city of Santa Barbara, California, for example, paused 5G technology implementation. Petaluma, California, city council unanimously adopted a series of stringent regulations that limit how close small cell towers can be to residential areas, and established guidelines restricting each 5G facility to be at least 500 feet away from any residence and at least 1,500 feet from another tower. Monterey County (California) voted down 5G completely, voting 7-0 to deny telecom giant Verizon’s small cell application. *See Article links

Please note the FCC’s Radio Frequency standards were adopted 20 years ago, and never reevaluated. Many scientists believe these standards are obsolete and certainly do not sufficiently speak to current millimeter-wave technologies. They only take into account the thermal effects on the skin. They do not protect the population at all from many established, non-thermal risks from RF radiation exposure. The Center for Ethics, Harvard University published an article about the corrupt revolving door between the position of heads of powerful telecom wireless lobbyist groups and the members of the FCC, including the position of chairman. *See Article Links. Yet we can still follow the FCC, and also go one step further by using our intelligence to protect ourselves and our community from blatantly harmful technology. It should also be noted that cell towers reduce property value, and that 5G specifically takes away our constitutional rights to privacy.

Lastly, we ask that Safe Alachua County Coalition be notified of all and any actions or application approvals or denials concerning infrastructure aiding the deployment of, and any other actions relating to the deployment of, small wireless facilities.

Please protect yourself, our elderly, our children and our communities,


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