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Lose the Sentiment and Sack Arsene Wenger Immediately

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For some time now I have been a massive supporter of Arsene Wenger and his ability to cultivate talent and do it all through a cost-effective business model, but in the past couple of years as a supporter like many others we have been supportive and patient of his methods with no end product. He refused to accept that Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri wanted to leave at the beginning of the summer and his ignorance towards these situations are damaging the football club. If we continue upon this road it will be too late to do anything about it and we will end up in a situation like Leeds (maybe a little dramatic but very possible). The board come out giving statements to the effect of we have plenty of money to spend and then Arsene gives us conflicting statements that there is no money and/or no players out there to buy. He has quite clearly become the architect of his own demise, he is living in a past when we were 'the invincibles' and maybe his single minded determination to recreate such an event is where he has clearly lost the plot. It pains me as much as the next Arsenal supporter to say this, but we need to get realistic and forget sentiment. I will always be indebted to the man, but it would be so much more of a sad story if we as fans let this sorry debacle continue. We MUST take action, so please join me in signing this online petition so we can show that we care about our club and disprove former players such as Nasri that we are infact passionate about our club and that we want to win things again just as much as 'some' of the players. Lastly, for anyone reading this who is undecided or unconvinced that this petition will not make any impact. Consider the Liverpool fans last year who made a stand against Hodgson, look where it got them...

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