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Rails With Trails

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WHEREAS a sound and functional railway system provides citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States with a safe and an energy-efficient alternative to our current transportation infrastructure by decreasing traffic, air pollution, reducing wear and damage to our roads and providing energy efficient transportation alternatives to cars and trucks; and

WHEREAS President Obamahas strongly advocated the need for rail transportation improvements, including high-speed rail and for greater efforts to promote active lifestyles for healthy Americans,including outdoor physical activities such as walking, hiking and cycling; and

WHEREAS both a superior transportation system and enhanced tourism and recreational activities will provide a needed economic stimulus to both the private sector and our local, state and federal governments; and

WHEREAS the federal Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) and federal Intermodal Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) call for improving safety, reducing traffic congestion, improving efficiency in freight movement, increasing intermodal connectivity, and protecting the environment while empowering state and local officials to make the best choices for their citizens; and

WHEREAS VTrans2025 challenges the Commonwealth to take a leadership role in multi-modal transportation by incorporating pedestrian, bike and rail-friendly design, as appropriate, whenever there is a major reconstruction or construction; and

WHEREAS state and federal tax dollars will be spent over the next decade to improve, upgrade and enhance a number of rail corridors throughout the Commonwealth and citizens should directly benefit by the investment of their public monies; and

WHEREAS a network of statewide rails with trails could provide a connecting infrastructure for many of the statewide, long distance trails including the James River Heritage, Beaches to Bluegrass, Potomac Heritage Trail and Interstate Bike Routes 1 and 76; and

WHEREAS it is both timely and appropriate to encourage the planning and implementation of rails with trails projects across America to include such beneficial needs as the development of the East Coast Greenway as part of the proposed Southeastern High Speed Rail project in Virginia and North Carolina; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that as the Commonwealth funds rail expansion, enhancement and renovation projects, bike and pedestrian accommodations - rails with trails – shall be required as an integral and mandatory component of these projects and the Commonwealth shall embrace a true multi-modal design philosophy for current and future rails projects, including the Southeast High Speed, Crescent and Heartland Rail Corridors; and be it

RESOLVED FURTHER that the Commonwealth work with other states to support and promote the extension of these trails to create a multi-state network of trails which will benefit citizens throughout the United States for generations.


Virginia Bicycling Federation



Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation (ACCT):

Adventure Cycling Association:

Alliance for Biking and Walking:

BikeWalk VA:

Blue Ridge Bicycle Club of VA:

Capital Region Land Conservancy:

Cycor Sports:

Eastern Trail Alliance:

East Coast Greenway Alliance:

Float Fishermen of VA:

Franklin Freewheelers: 

Friends of the Rivers of VA:


League of American Bicyclists:  

Morris Area Freewheelers:

Nelson Bicycling Alliance

New River Bicycle Club of VA:  

Pathways for Radford:

Pennsylvania Transit Expansion Coalition

Pulaski County Board of Supervisors

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy:

Richmond Area Bicycling Association:

Richmond Pro Cycling:

Rivanna Trails Foundation:

Rockbridge Area Conservation Council:

Scenic Virginia: 

Three Notched Trail Foundation:

Tidewater Bicycle Association:

VA Association for Parks:

VA Bicycling Federation:

Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail Foundation

Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club:

Virginia Conservation Network:

Virginia Odysseys:

Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition:

Washington Area Bicyclists Assoc.:

Williamsburg Area Bicyclists:

Winchester Wheelmen:


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  • Anonymous
    Aug 29, 2016
    Aug 29, 2016
    Railways are a fabulous and fantastic opportunity to use an existing resource/entity for public recreation and enjoyment. If these properties are broken/segmented, they will be lost forever.
  • Barbara Brody
    Barbara Brody United States, Lehighton
    May 16, 2016
    May 16, 2016
    I support not removing the rails. Keeping the rails there keeps the railway occupied as a railway. Once the rails are removed the fact that it is a railway can be challenged by the locals.
  • Tyler
    Tyler United States, Macedon
    May 23, 2015
    May 23, 2015
    This project will keep cyclists safe and encourage healthy commuting options while reducing traffic.
  • John Z Wetmore
    John Z Wetmore United States, Bethesda
    Mar 23, 2015
    Mar 23, 2015
    Here is a look at the many different types of Right Of Ways where you can build trails:
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