Russian Police Must Arrest All Members of Occupy Pedophilia.

Damien Tracey
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On the 6th of February, Channel 4 in the UK screened a documentary called Hunted.

In it a group called Occupy Pedophilia was shown to threaten, restrain, abuse and intimidate members of Russia's LGBT community. The documentary also showed other examples of LGBT people being subjected to extreme violence by groups linked to Occupy Pedophilia. The documentary also shows the head of a group called Parents for Russia, who are linked to Occupy Pedophilia. They have a mandate to rid the Russian Education System of any Gay Teachers and supporters of Gay Teachers. They boast about getting some educators dismissed and they continue to actively seek to get other teachers fired.

We are demanding that the Russian branch of The International Police Association intervene and arrest all members of Occupy Pedophilia and Parents For Russia featured in this documentary.

As a result of the Russian Propaganda Law passed earlier this year, authorities are turning a blind eye to these hate crimes and it has to stop. A persons safety and livelihood should not be determined by their sexual orientation.

A law broken is a law broken and those behind it should be punished.

The disturbing documentary can be viewed here

Please sign and spread, every 10'000 signatures we get we will send to the Russian Branch of The International Police Federation.




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