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Russ Consulting Scam

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I am trying to organize a group of people who have been abused by Russ Consulting. Below are 3 questions I asked Russ Consulting with their responses: 1. If I filled out my paperwork to receive my settlement from my mortgage carrier and you did not get it, what happens then? Answer: It's to late and we cannot control the post office. If you did not get it or we don't have it on file its to late. There is no one you can talk to or deal with at this point. 2. Where does the money that is settled go when the one who is injured does not receive it? Answer: That is between you and servicer. We have no control over that. 3. Can I talk to who is in charge or can I have an operator id number? Answer: We are not allowed to give you that and their is no one that can help you. She said her name was Karen and that's that. There is nothing I can do about it. 4. Are you a privately owned company handing a federal lawsuit against banks. Answer: Yes 5. Do you get paid to keep homeowners from getting their settlements? Answer: We receive bonuses but we do not keep the money that is settled. 6. You get paid bonuses for what? Answer: Oops I take that back I cannot answer that question. I am collecting signatures to present to the powers that be on behalf of those who are being scammed by Russ Consulting. This company is a 3rd party neutral agent dispersing settlement funds to homeowners on behalf of banks who have settled on foreclosures, but based on their answers to my questions it is apparent they work for the banks. This is unfair and they purposely discourage homeowners from receiving their settlements. I am forced to do this because they refuse to give me any information on anyone at their corporate office in Minnesota. They refuse to give operator numbers, names, contacts, or phone numbers. Their system basically is circular and designed to get paid bonuses for not paying out homeowners their settlements. They send out postcards which are sent to the wrong address on purpose so that you never receive them. If you send them in they lose them on purpose so that you do not receive your settlement. They design crafty rebuttal statements which are circular so that homeowners are discouraged and forgo their settlements. Help me collect signatures so that we petition the proper authorities for help. I went online and I notice many stories just like mine in which people have been unjustly abused and mislead on their settlements.

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