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India Van Linn
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Running Man, everyone’s favorite name-tag-ripping extravaganza, has announced their latest international foray. After past visits to Hong Kong, Thailand, and China the latest locales to host the internationally popular variety show have been announced (drum roll please)- Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Macau. Immediately after this piece of news was released a multi-continent wave of heavy sighs overtook the earth’s atmosphere- all asking the same question: PD, why not my country? Don’t get me wrong- I am a realist. While I dream of Running Man coming to the states I realize that the flight time in combination with the member’s schedules (and the sheer time it takes to shoot each episode) points towards a big fat not likely. Yet I can dream, and hope. And hell- create a petition. So do you want to see Running Man visit the states? Than why not sign a hand dandy petition of fandom? While I will never claim to be the right site to hold such a petition I will do my best. Whether any of our efforts are successful or not it is still worth the knowing how man of us want a RM state side special. Fighting!


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