Bring Back RuneScape PVP Worlds

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The PVP worlds were a place where you could PK anytime, anywhere. The only thing that made it annoying was the noobs that would flock outside the safe zones and flee the the banks.

What I propose (and petition) is that a modified version of the PVP worlds be brought back, this time restricting the safe zones to respawn and mini game locations, GE, and a select few banks around Gielinor instead of every single one. If a person flees to a safe spot in the middle of combat, their countdown timer is lengthened to 20 seconds instead of ten. When people die in these new PVP worlds, they lose ALL their items, which are immediately visible for all who took part in the PK of that person. No bounty hunter, no ancient artifacts, no level limits on who you can and cannot kill - just a worldwide multicombat slaughterfest.

This way, hit-and-runners (A.K.A. rushers) have nowhere to hide, noobs can't flee to banks whenever they're in danger, and a whole clan can fight one individual. Basically, the whole world becomes a Wilderness. This will also be beneficial to POC clans, as they can actually defend their home territory now.

What would you have - fighting in one small part of the world with heavy restrictions imposed, or fighting in a worldwide massacre? Make the right choice! JaGeX, just do it, even if it's only 3 or 4 of them! The PVP worlds must return!





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