Termination of Building Manager Rudy Brown

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The Human Rights Code forbids discrimination in tenancies based on a person race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability and gender or sexual orientation. A landlord cannot refuse to rent to a tenant based on the tenant's income, as long as the source of income is legal. This means, for example, that a tenant cannot be discriminated against if the rent is paid with an income assistance cheque. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that rental units and property, or manufactured home sites and parks, meet "health, safety and housing standards" established by law, and are reasonably suitable for occupation given the nature and location of the property. Rudy Brown verbally harasses tenants, discriminates against tenants source of income, fails to provide a safe and drug free environment, and lacks in her cleaning and maintenance duties as a building manager. Since Rudy Brown has taken over the position of building manager in Plaza 200 apartments, the building has suffered. Rudy Brown fails to comply with the rules and laws of the Human Rights Code as well as the Residential Tenancy Act. Her position as building manger should be terminated. We, the undersigned, call on Dan Ratzlaff Enterprises Ltd, to dismiss Rudy Brown of her duties as building manager, Plaza 200 Apartments, Langley, B.C. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY RESIDENTS OF PLAZA 200 APARTMENTS, LANGLEY, BC. ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN THIS PETITION.





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