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Runescape 2 Password Hacker

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Hi pplz, i have recently figured out a way to hack runescape while scanning the linux server which they run runescape on etc etc... below will tell ya how to hack runescape accounts. I have really only made this up for ppl who have been scammed by other ppl.So if you haven\'t been scammed i rather you not cheat for the fun of it, but it is up to you, but it isnt fair if ya use this to steal other pplz password for runescape. Step 1. Get the runescape account name you want to hack. make sure you have a runescape account as you need to confuse the runescape server into giving ya you victims password. Step 2. There is a secret e-mail which jagex bot use to notify ppl about there password and send them there password if needed i found it while i was scanning their server. The code used to send ppl passwords was hard to find but i finaly found it while collenting bits and peices while scanning the server and using a firewall barrier hacking device. hence i have found there seceret software emal adress and want to share all my goodies i ahve collected from it with all of you. Its: it will automatically send it to jagex\'s headquarters page, and with out them knowing it, there computer sends the information back to you within 24hrs of data sent. just folow steps below Step 3. Here is the code you need to send to the server to confuse it. Do as exactly as it is typed or it will fail. Subject rspasswrdrecovry ( it must be exactly as typed) Now after that type #=No.4658932$%Code& Your Usernme%==$& } #serident6254$$Code% Victims Username$$1==$& } E$$Code&%$$#imput%Your Password32&&$==02$& } Step 4. You must replace the words in to what it says and as i said dont make any mistakes or you will fail. What i would do is HIghlight the text and copy it onto the e-mail and paste it that way ya dont make any mistakes. There you have it Hacking runescape is easy for you now. just so you know this is the one and only way of hacking into runescape or cheating the system my friend finds out these things and teaches me, since im slower than he is. autominers and other cheating softwares are all garbage and only steal your password, so if u think im a scammer, think again because through jagex\'s e-mail i have over 500 mil and about 300 red masks, green masks, blue masks, and santas and full rune (g) full zammy, full guthix, and anything else you can think of. so y would i want to help you all because im a nice guy and i feel bad for people who dont know how to hack like i do I GUARENTEE THIS WORKS, IVE GIVEN AWAY OVER 100mil in items and cash so far. Just let me know what u want when u email me. I would grately appriciate if your lvl of character would b from 5--90 because otherwise jagex will figure out the system if its too low of a character has mil\'s lol. COME PLAY RUNESCAPE WITH LOTS OF CASH AND ITEMS!!!!!!


this is supproted solely by me and my superior abilities over jagex im just here to share the money.
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