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Roleplay says STOP

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On the internet, there is this thing called the "roleplaying world". A roleplayer is someone who uses pictures of someone, but doesn't claim to be that particular person (EX: if a roleplayer has a picture of miley cyrus, they do NOT claim to be her). Roleplayers are real people, all across the globe, who sit infront of computers to talk to other rolplayers, or friends. There are all different types of roleplayers, some of these act in a role, or "storyline" others just talk like any other normal teenager (EX: what's up?). Some of the roleplayers started out on Myspace, after myspace turned into "Myspace 3.0" roleplayers then transferred to Facebook, both Facebook and Myspace are popular social networking sites. As Facebook started to delete roleplayers, there was an annoucement made by a Vanessa Hudgens roleplayer to go join her site, Sitemodel.net and that way everyone can be happy, that was in April 2011. Sitemodel.net is designed to be what Myspace 1.0 was, the way everyone missed it. Almost a month later, Sitemodel.net changed it's mind and said on their Sign Up these exact words "Do not sign up if you're a fake,poser, or roleplayer". We, the roleplayers of Myspace,Facebook,Sitemodel.net had enough of this, and we were told a lie. There have been over 12 roleplayers deleted, who unfairly, lost everything, their profile, friends, pictures, EVERYTHING. Sitemodel.net may be slow at points, but it's something we all wanted, which was the old 1.0 Myspace, a place to meet other roleplayers, and also to be our selves. We need to take a stand, we've been pushed around for too long, we've been basically, kicked off the myspace world (well, because we all liked the 1.0 right? the more we said we wanted it back, the more changes they made, and the more mad we got), one by one, roleplayers have left. We then got a deleting spree on Facebook, because so many people were reporting us as "imposters" of celebritys, when clearly some of us said we're not. We are NOT going to let sitemodel.net kick us off, we NEED to fight back and tell them this is now our world, we got a promise, you lied to us, and now we're fighting back. We will NOT be tolerated like this no longer, it's getting old, and on people's nerves.


Proof of what sitemodel.net did: http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r35/mcwapple/Untitledd.png


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