Rosebank School Nairn Pool Protest

Christine Spreiter
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SAVE NAIRN SWIMMING POOL We add our objections to the proposal to close Nairn swimming pool. The pool is a vital local facility which is used by 5 schools including Rosebank Primary School. Please consider the following: • Water safety is very important in Nairn, with its beach, harbour and river. Without a pool we will have children unable to swim which could result in tragic accidents. • Rosebank P4, P5, P6 and P7 children currently attend weekly swimming lessons at Nairn pool. For some children school lessons are the only opportunity they have to learn to swim. They are currently transported the short distance by coach at a cost of £1.20 per week, paid by the families. To travel the extra distance to Culloden would take considerable time out of their schooling and would result in an increase in cost which may put their participation at risk. • It is doubtful that there will be space at Culloden to teach all these additional children (approx 200 from Rosebank alone). School lessons would be under severe threat. • Even if parents are able to travel, after school lesson programs for other pools are already hugely oversubscribed. (Current waiting list for swim lessons is 29 months at the Aquadome, and travel time to get there through already congested traffic is close to an hour each way.) • The children enjoy taking part in a group activity with their class and they get in the habit of using the pool for sport and leisure. Many of these children walk independently to fun hour on the weekend at the pool where they meet their friends in a relaxed safe environment. Swimming promotes physical and mental health and can be enjoyed by all. • We can encourage our children to have a more active and healthier lifestyle by making sure they all learn to swim and by providing them with a local pool as we have in Nairn. It is a fantastic facility and contributes enormously to our child’s life. Please help us to keep Nairn pool open.





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