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Help me raise awareness for spinal cord injuries and get my foundation up and running so people can receive the mental, emotional, spiritual, and when available financial assistance they need to live as close to normal a life they can.
"Just because we're in a wheelchair doesn't change the fact we're human beings. We breathe the same air, see the same things, have the same blood running through our veins, experience heartache and heartbreak, get depressed, laugh, love, and lose all the same things other than most of us do it while pushing ourselves through life literary."




I want to get my Government to realize just because one may have a SCI [spinal cord injury] we're stil human and although may be paralyzed we still have a voice and for the one's unable to speak up there is someone lookingout for you. So with my voice I'm wanting to bring as much awareness to spinal cord injury patients and the fact that rehabilitation centers are deny someone because of the insurance coverage they have. The sad thing is they hide the fact of what insurance someone has by say they don't fit the 'criteria' which is the rehab centers way of getting by witout discriminating against youbecause of the insurance type you have.I thought Obama and our US Government was looking for change, well I thought the same thing but I became paralyzed before they were put in office to represent myself and several million other Americans with SCI best interests and well being. I for one can say Obama, his administration, and the representatives from local to the national evel are misrepresenting us. Their initiatives to change healthcare and it's fair and equal treamtment of everybody is overlooking the stepping stones of what is causing the largest decline in spinal cord injury patients health and funding of the equipment they need for to gain more independance. Patients with spinal cord injury related health problems can begin to heal as I have seen first hand during the five years I've been paralyzed along with talking to hundreds of health care providers. I would love to get hundreds of patients better healthcare, equipment, and rehab myself but, that can't happen unless I'm able to speak with the representatives that have been voted into office for our common intrests. One of the biggest fights is to stand up for the common intrests of those with spinal cord injuries severe enough that they are unable to speak up against the issues faced daily
As many of you know my name is jeremy ryan 'taz' pauley i was born on january 19th, 1989 and grew up being raised by my mom a.c. pauley or as you know her 'mom p.' I was always a fair guy that didn't care about who had more money, better looks, more popularity, or any of that stupid stuff. if i were to judge every one by the outside I'd be very lonely as we all have our own flaws because, nobodys perfect. i went to logan elm and grew up around the circleville area where I got to be an all around nice guy that made it a goal in life to help anyone no matter the circumstances as long as they smiled i was contributing back. My out going personality and drive came from my madre who always did what ever it took to provide for me even after having and beating cancer twice which really inspired me in life. I graduatded high school eairly on friday jan. 19th 2007 which was my 18th bday which was awesome and it was giving me the chance to move forward by getting into college and starting a new job. Unfortunately all that did a u-turn on janruary 24th 2007 at 6:30p.m. when a day full of fun and being a kid one final day before my job interview at 7:30 ended with one final trip down a small hill.

That trip resulted in a c4-c5 fracture in my neck and instant paralysis from the neck down so I went from one last day of being the kid everyone turned to for help to franticly thinking please god just kill me. after they had me in the squad and things started to slow down for me and that's when I realized that one of two things had to happen give up and let all the negative things take me away or get positive and fight. when i arrived at grant i was given hours to live which passed by then hours turned to days and days led up to my surgery which went great aside from having a trachea put in. after about two weeks the doctors told me I would be on a ventilator and a full quadriplegic for life which took me a month to defeat and get accepted to dodd hall for therapy. once at dodd i received a good bit of information on how to be a quadriplegic, what to do, and how to help others care for me which was very nice learning. I regained movement in my neck, shoulders, pecs, along with most of my left and right arms. the biggest achievement was getting the trachea out and being allowed to go home after just two months especially after being told i'd never live more than a few hours. once home I began to hit my biggest hurdles with seeing health problems, most of my friends and family walking away, realizing the struggles of getting insurance to help, and trying to get into college. even with these hurdles i have made great time by getting insusance to convert my bathroom, build a ramp, supply a blue tooth for my phone, and the hardest of all getting through the 1 1/2 year battle to get the money for therapy in michigan. Wit all those things being done what i usually don't push on people is that I've been in a coma twice,had 35 surgeries, flatlined over 50 times, been clinically dead twice and in renal failure several timess but, i refuse to let that stop me. now that i have completed all that i'm trying to get a handicap accessible van so I'll be able to get out and about and get into more therapy in atlanta as i pursue the dream of walking.

The worst part of all this is constantly being trapped in a trailor with no way to just get up in my wheelchair and go to the store or out with my friends when i'd like. my lack of decent transportation is voiding me of being able to go out and find a good rehab to work my body to keep my muscle built up and my blood pressure stable. my mom is now facing health problems that could place me into a nursing home and ruin all that i've been fighting for over five years unless I can get some good support in my life and some reliable transportation. that will be what determines what will help me with my goals which is why I've been collecting support on my web pages and asking for your compassion and time this past week or so... it's leaving the next chapters of life untold so thank you for the time you've given me and maybe hundreds of others and we'll see together how the rest of the future is told.

With this being said I hope you take a Minute to stop smile and help some one close to you because, you never know how long they're going to be around.

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