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Roleplayers' rights to voice their opinions

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As users of the site, we appricate the creator's and div's that have given us a second chance to meet new people that share our hobby/obsession: roleplay. It allows us to vent, branch out and let our creativity flow in ways that may not be available elsewhere and to share it with other people.

However, when it comes to certain issues and interruptions of service; we believe we deserve the right to voice our opinions without the unacceptable act of being silenced, blocked or having our rights to comment or like things on the facebook site revoked. We Without the roleplayers it would be another blank and unsuccessful site. We have a right to tell you what we find unacceptable and in a more severe light, 'Stupid'. Several people have tried to voice the following points on the RPM facebook site and their comments were deleted and they were restrained from being able to like or post anything. How rude can you get?

Point Two - Why do we need ANOTHER roleplay site? Clearly you can barely handle so what makes you think that making another site will be any better? The only difference is the layout, so what was the point? You've made another website to take up space in the server that can STILL be improved on your original site & Stop try-harding, please. Just delete and put your time and effort into actually bettering, the site CLEARLY needs constant attention.

Point Three - Ads. We are aware that you don't like a majority of us using adblocks. Trust us, it was a pain in the butt finding the right adblock that you wouldn't detect and demand that we remove it. But did you not notice when most of the adblocks were put into effect? Try: right after you started forcing the duo video-ads on us that started screaming out of our speakers how Kim and Kanye were so ever happily married and doing blah-blah-blah, or maybe that one with the random girl telling us her personal opinion about girls and fashion. No one wants to hear that crap mixed in with the mood music we have running in the back round 80% of the time to fuel our muse. So maybe if you stopped being a bit greedy and trying to earn those few extra bucks from video ads, if you simply used normal silentads, we wouldn't feel the need for adblockers and you'd get more income.

These along with any future points, we feel, as your netizens, that our voices, our opinions, deserve to be heard. Not just for serious, built up matters such as these, but on a normal basis. Give us our voices more thought and consideration and maybe we wouldn't be so angry and spiteful of some of the things you do to the site/server we use on a daily basis.

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