Roku bait and switch - bring back competition by allowing other international programming providers

Prasad Annadata
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Roku sold lot of players promising a great line up of apps and channels and advertized the line up on their website. After they realized there is considerable business to be made in the international programming business, they are taking unfair advantage of their hardware by eliminating all international programming providers and making a deal with dishworld. Please take a look at the price difference for similar packages between dishworld and other providers. This petition is for roku to bring back competition to international programming by allowing competitors to compete fairly. Technically speaking, other than connecting the TV to the service provider through their device, roku is not involved in the actual streaming and there are very negligible running costs. Again, we believe market forces will take care of it naturally by taking roku out of business because of this bait-and-switch, it is sad to see a nice device making a big mistake. Till this problem is fixed, we are also petitioning content providers to avoid roku. All your efforts to provide content on roku can disappear suddenly, if roku realizes, you are actually making money and brings in another sleazy "exclusive" provider.



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