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The Rock 'N Roll Revolution

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"I used to think we had the whole thing sewed up, mama. Then I realised, Rock and roll is dying, baby. I wanna see some fun ! I wanna see some hanging out ! I wanna see my people" - The Doors 

What we are petitioning is the lack of representation of local ROCK artists on major media sources including, but not limited to, radio, tv, movies, and magazines.

This petition is to strengthen the movement to get local music on major media outlets. while claims of "local events" are advertised fairly often, the bands involved are not always the ones who deserve the recognition. we are striving to make an impact on media sources to get the bands that play local venues, bars, skating rinks, birthday parties, whatever every friday and saturday night the exposure they deserve. we want the heart of rock 'n roll to show the ones who are in it for the music and not so much the dollar signs.

This is to support the underdog artists of ROCK on all media outlets possible and the petition is to have more local ROCK musicians played on major radio stations and allow some of the immense focus from the national acts to bleed down to the local artists . Through support and numbers, once the petition reaches substantial signatures, and the RRR has enough followers, rallies will be put together outside ROCK radio stations, production studios, and any other media sources possible. 

This isn't just a statement that "I like ROCK" but is to be a movement to get rock to be the MAIN genre of music again, and redefine rock. Many of the artists making millions today, are simply in it for the dollar signs and not the art of ROCK.

While ROCK is still technically on the radio, in movies, on TV, and in lots of other places, the foundations of ROCK are long gone... The love of the art of ROCK, the wanting to be heard not rich, the desire to do what you love not what people are loving.

Listen to all the songs on the radio... Besides the classics, what are the bands names? Do they all sound the same? How many TRUE local ROCK artists are played on these stations where they can actually be heard?

We want the music industry to recognize the talent and passion in the younger, committed, true artists of this generation. We want them to make a name in ROCK for the youth of today just as artists from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s did for their generations.

 There once was a time when: - ROCK 'n roll sold out stadiums. - ROCK were videos on MTV. - the loudest music you heard coming from cars was ROCK. - little girls with bubble gum voices were one hit wonders and laughed at, not offered movie deals (sorry Justin Bieber) - the radio actually played what people wanted to hear, not what could sell. - ROCK was a way of life, not something to do on a Friday night - ROCK owned the world. ...but now, it's taken a back seat. Yes, there are still ROCK stations on the radio. Yes, ROCK is still the biggest section of music at the record stores. And yes, people still listen to ROCK. But here's the question: when you watch TV, when you scan the radio, whenever any kind of music is audible, how often is it ROCK? ROCK has taken a backseat to every other genre out there. Once, the most popular genre of music, ROCK has become an underdog to the Pop Princesses, Gangsta Rappers, and even lost some cred to the Hick Country Stars. When people go to put music to something, they jump to every other genre but ROCK. Why is that? What happened? WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!!! We, my friends are the only one's who can change this. Our current "musical" generation holds the power to overturn this sad state of the music industry. We are the consumers. We affect the million dollar companies that decide what we hear. We are the only ones who can do something about it. We are here to represent the underdogs of this now-underdog genre. SUPPORT LOCAL ROCK! JOIN US in the ROCK n' roll revolution! Together we can make a change for better music tomorrow.





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