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Bring Robocop Back To The Big Screen

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Hello everyone. My name is Jacob Jacobson, and I am 10 years old. Why am I telling you this What does it have to do with the petition Just hold your patootie for a moment while I explain. In the summer of 2005, I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It is a rare and deadly form of cancer that arises from the adrenal glands, above the kidneys, and often spreads to other organs. Unfortunately, I wasn't diagnosed until I was already in a later stage of this aggressive disease. I am not here to request that you pray for my healing or comfort. I am simply here because I want you to help me make my wish become a reality. Bringing "Robocop" back to the big screen is the only, and I mean ONLY way to put an end to my bone pains, difficult breathing, profuse sweating, and my overall general discomfort. Just kidding.... little bit o' neuroblastoma humor for ya. Okay so maybe it won't really help me physically, but I really would like to see another Robocop movie before I die. Not a shitty one like Part 3, but an entire new take on the franchise. I want Robert Rodriguez to direct it, and I won't settle for anyone else. The man knows how to make movies involving unique weapons and if someone else jumps the gun on this project, I swear to God I'll pull my own plug. Mr. Rodriguez, If you're reading this: I want to see a lot of action and very little dialogue. Some good one-liners would mean the world to me, considering Dr. Warren says I'll lose the rest of my hearing by the spring. Since The "Make-A-Wish" foundation refused to grant me such a demand and found it to be both impracticable and impractical, (I'm only 10, I don't understand the difference) I made the decision to present my death wish to all of you wonderful online inhabitants. The "Make-A-Wish" foundation let that one kid go shoot a fucking bear, so why can't I have my dream movie Please do a terminally-ill child a favor, and sign this petition. You wouldn't want me to die unhappy Would you

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