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ROBLOX, please delete the stolen copy.

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So basically.

8 months ago, on ROBLOX, I made a shirt that was offsale. The account was deleted due to a Poison-IP ban caused by an alt my friend was using. His name was CaptainPhoenixgarde.

A few months later, a user on ROBLOX who is quite famous, named The13thHippie copied said shirt and sold it himself.

Recently, I was on the catalog, and on the commentary section of a new hat, I noticed someone wearing said shirt. I thought, "it can't be". Then I check the user's shirts and see a familiar name; The13thHippie. I noticed it had 400+ sales.

I immediately commented saying it was mine, and he then disabled comments. He blocked me when I messaged him asking to take it offsale. So I exposed him on the forums, and more threads were posted by others. I emailed ROBLOX with airtight evidence that he stole it, and all evidence threads were deleted by them and I received a warning, while nothing happened to the offender. He keeps claiming he "screenshotted the package" and that "it's a coincidence and they just happen to look similar", but if you look at the two shirts, you will see this is a lie:

This is the stolen copy:

This is the original I made on CaptainPhoenixgarde:

He managed to turn ROBLOX Talk against me, by feeding them lies, and ROBLOX are clearly siding with him. I told Off Topic about my enquiry and they seemed to support me, so I decided to make this petition.

Please, ROBLOX. Delete the stolen copy and give him a warning/ ban. This is a violation of your own rules, and this is disrespectful to me. He knows he is guilty and he is receiving no punishment, while I get a warning and have all of my evidence deleted.

By, BlockSteadyDinosaur.

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