Road Conditions in Kyle

Kaylee  Wipff
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 The roads in Kyle are unbearable. They are unsafe and very hazardous to drivers. Lack of maintenance has caused the roads to become rough and unable to travel on. Forty thousand people die duein car accidents due to bad road conditions each year. Accidents impact the ecnomy very heavily. Businesses pay $22 million dollars a year because their employees were involved in accidents due to road conditions. The cost of goods produced and sold in the U.S. each year are impacted. Not to mention all the medical bills, physical therapy bills, vehicle repairs and replacements, and the loss of work are greatly impacted as well. But don't forget about the victims of the accident. They are left with fatal injuries, loss of family members and friends, emotional pain and grief, and loss of money.

 Please sign my petition to replace the unsafe and dangerous roads in Kyle, Texas.

 Thank You,

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