Rights for visitation to my grand-children

Tammy  Oliver
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My son-n-law has taken my grand-children away from my daughter and left her pregnant and homeless. He moved the grand-children from Tennessee to Arkansas and then left them there with his mother, who the children barely know while he moved backed to Georgia to try to get his arrest record cleared. My grand-daughter just turned 2 and my grand-son is getting ready to turn 1. They are just babies and they need to be near their mother and near a grandmother that has pretty much been in their lives since they were born. I have helped provide a home for them as well as their personal needs and they need to be here so that I can make sure they are being taken care of properly. Their father is currently residing in Georgia and has made statements that he is going to keep us from the grand-children permanently. I have already contacted an attorney and am prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep him from keeping the babies away from us. Please help me get signatures for this petition so that I can present it to the judge along with our case. My request for this petition is that James be forced to bring them back to the state of Tennessee so that their mother and I can have visitation on a regular basis and that no more birthdays go by without their mother and me present.




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