RIFT - Player Versus Enviroment

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With the Fifth Beta Event allowing us to progress to level 30, we have noticed that the lands are contested (even on PvE Servers).  So the Opposing factions are able to take over any town, city, leaving players unable to quest there.  Unless they flag for PvP and try to gain control of the area.  Trion have offered the option to unflag yourself from any PvE content.  So the other faction are unable to attack you, but their NPC’s are able to push you about as much as they like, and if you are not flagged for PvP, you are unable to touch them.  Therefore you are unable to advance through this zone if you choose to be unflagged until it is under your faction’s control.


I can see a whole lot of players refusing to purchase because if this part of the game, We choose the PvE server for a reason,  We don’t want to be forced to PvP, and with the other faction being able to take control of the lands, it seems that is what’s happening.


Please Trion, Can we have a Pure PvE Server, Where we can explore the map as we please and not have to fight to gain control of it, This would most definitely up your subscriptions come launch.


Please sign this Petition and make your Voice heard.


This Petition will be presented to Trion Worlds.





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