Mandated Testing for Suspected Child Abuse

Diane Pais
Diane Pais 14 Comments
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Please sign this petition to mandate additional testing when child abuse is in question.


There has been an increase in misdignosed child abuse cases where children are taken away from families when broken bones are found in infants.  Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Infantile Rickets are just a couple of diagnostic differentials that can mimic child abuse. 


Bones in infants can become very fragile and suseptible to fractures when there is a Vitamin D deficiency.  Vitamin D deficiency can begin in utero from a lack of Vitamin D from the mother and is further exacerbated when infants are being solely breast fed.


Currently Vitamin D levels in infants are being tested when child abuse is in question, but there are a battery of other tests that should be performed when questioning different pathologies. 


In addition to Vitamin D levels, copper, parathyroid hormone, magnesium, and calcium levels should also be tested, just to name a few.  A complete history of mother, prenatal and post partum should also be taken into consideration.


Please help stop the separation of families by getting legislature passed to exhaust all diagnostic differentials that may mimic child abuse.  For more information please logon to "Rickets an Epidemic" on facebook.



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