Petition for a Permanent Street Skatepark for the town of Richmond Hill

James Hov
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Being a resident of Richmond Hill for over 19 years, it is sad to see that every town in the GTA has taken the initiative to build skateparks for the skateboard community. Gratefully enough, in roughly 2004 Richmond Hill had provided us with the Richmond Green skatepark. Due to the skatepark consisting of removable metal ramps, the weather has caused the surface to warp and rust. Falling on the ramp during the summer is a hazard because your skin will literally burn from the boiling ramps. The condition of the asphalt at Richmond Green has become "cheesegrater" asphalt. I have reached out by emailing the wards of Richmond Hill and just about every email I found for the town of Richmond Hill since 2007. I had not received an email or phone call in return. In the duration of my grade 12 year, myself and a couple of friends went door to door collecting over 3,000 signatures which was ignored as well. In the past decade, many skateparks and street styled skateparks have been built: Markham - Centennial Skatepark Brampton - Chinguacousy Skate Plaza King City - King City Skatepark Ajax - ARC Skate Plaza Etobicoke - 8th Street Skatepark Clarington - Rob Pointek Skatepark Toronto - Ashbridges Bay Skatepark Woodbridge - Weston Skatepark Even Vaughn has built mini parks at Peter Rupert, Marc Santi, and Twelve Oaks. Recently, I sent an e-mail request to Councillor Nick Papa several times. I stressed that a skateboard park in Richmond Hill would keep the skateboard community alive and is a great, positive activity for youth and young adults. I suggested that we should have something built in the new Civic Precinct in response to a newsletter I received in the mail. To date, I have not received one e-mail or phone call back. I have been in contact with Jim of Spectrum Skateparks, the man responsible of all the skateparks listed above and he is willing to help with this project. I am hoping for Richmond Hill to open it's doors to a street styled skate plaza inspired by the current Berrics layout. Please sign this petition and help Richmond Hill build a skatepark for the community. -James Hov



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