Rich Americans killing Americans.

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This petition is against waste management. There unsafe trucks and unsafe policies. In the year 2011 there were 53 deaths involving waste management trucks. I dont know the number in the year 2012 but i do know in the summer there was an employee at waste management who died from Heat Exhaustion, whom waste management killed and they left him aside the road.And covered it up where nobody knew nothing about it this is wrong. I worked in the summer for waste management and complained each day no air in the trucks. For a company that praised that they made a billon dollar profit this year but cant buy new trucks with air. WHen i was hired they checked my background and records no incidents or accidents. The guys that were hired after me no incidents or accidents but waste managment fired them for having 3 or 4 incidents and also myself. This is wrong because they are liars and blamed the drivers for the incidents. 2011, 53 deaths caused by waste management trucks are these all bad drivers or do waste management have bad policies and unsafe training. Not only did they lie about my incidents, and fired me they are fighting my employment with their lawyers. Please help me to protest againt waste management for unsafe policies and their lies. This firing was not about safety with me, but rich cooperations against small middle class families. Sign middle class American.





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