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The members of the court and governments to create Rhnea's Law.

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The members of the court and governments to create Rhnea's Law.: Protect women who are divorcing. so they cannot be declared incompetent. The Rhnea Brigade is a group of family members and friends who love and support Rhnea Holyfield Price in her effort to receive justice from the courts of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Rhnea's lawyers bullied her and improperly represented her ( in the divorce proceedings) . Her civil rights were violated , and she was the victim of “good ole boy” justice system in Tuscaloosa. They trashed her integrity and trampled on her good name. The court proceedings in the divorce were the worst time of Rhnea's life . Her own attorneys judged her as "obsessed to find the truth" and used it against her, instead of using it to protect her. They became agitated at Rhnea’s attempts to present the truth of what had happened in her marriage. Bill McGuire, Rhneas' retained attorney, soon began working against Rhnea in an attempt to just be done with the case and save face as an attorney. Rick was refusing to settle and ignored every attempt for a court ordered deposition. As a Warren Buffet pilot, he proved to be a more powerful influence than a "stay at home" mom and preacher's wife. No doubt the power of influence affected this case. Because of this, it was at this point when Bill McGuire and Ashley Emerson fostered a mental illness defense. They wanted to make Rhnea look weak and unstable. When Rhnea rejected this approach Bill McGuire filed a motion to drop her as his client. When it was clear Bill McGuire was losing ground with the case, he became frustrated with Rhnea’s resistance to the mental health defense to the point of filing a motion to assign a Guardian Ad Litem to Rhnea- claiming she was incompetent and incapable of speaking for herself in court. He claimed she did not understand right from wrong and couldn’t communicate. This was a serious charge and a slander of Rhnea's good name and character and would be the basis of the outcome for her settlement, and reputation. According to the Code of Alabama (Title 12: Courts - Section 12-15-304), a Guardian Ad Litem is primarily assigned to juveniles that are incapable of caring for their own interests due to infancy, incapacity, or disability. Rhnea is known by hundreds to be a competent mother, musician, business woman and friend. She certainly didn’t need a court appointed guardian to represent her and yet Judge Phillip N. Lisenby (6th Judicial Circuit Court in Tuscaloosa, Alabama) granted the motion without requesting to meet Rhnea, have her tested or evaluated. He granted the motion based on Bill McGuire’s request only! In addition, the court allowed Bill McGuire’s hand-picked attorney friend, Karen Dice, to be the bogus Guardian Ad Litem. Karen Dice never spoke with Rhnea nor did she ever represent Rhnea’s interests in her divorce case with Rick L. Price. As a matter of fact, Rhnea handled all of her own business while under this appointed Guardian Ad Litem; something the motion filed said she was not capable of doing. Consider this, Bill McGuire in his motion to the judge said Rhnea was incompetent and unable to effectively communicate. He cited the bogus case of Wipperman v Wipperman (ala.civ.app.1986) as the basis for his motion. That is interesting considering his response to Rhnea’s grievance to the Alabama State Bar, which stated that he talked to Rhnea about the ad Litem appointment and even called her daughters to discuss it. Let’s look at this again....He talked to HER about assigning HERSELF an ad litem when she supposedly cannot communicate or comprehend? Additionally, he contacted her daughters without an attorney/client privacy waiver and people who were also impacted by this crisis? Several witnesses will testify they witnessed Bill McGuire tell Rhnea "she made him nauseated" and heard him verbally and emotionally abuse her while serving as her attorney. The fact is Rhnea was never told of the Ad Litem, she never signed off on it, nor did any family member sign it; she was never interviewed by the court, questioned or even allowed to speak before the judge though her husband, who abandoned the home, met with the judge several times. It was a phony motion from the start and it blatantly violated Rhnea’s First Amendment rights that led to even further legal malpractice and gross defamation, fronted by Bill McGuire of Tanner&Guin Law Firm. After that Bill McGuire then insisted on sending Rhnea to Kathy Ronan, a forensic psychologist with highly suspect credentials. (Earlier he had forced her through upsetting phone calls to her daughters to see psychiatrist Nancy Rubin, or be dropped.). Interestingly, Nancy Rubin gave Rhnea all positive feedback, completely opposite of Kathy Ronan's report that impugned the immaculate character of Rhnea Holyfield Price. One thing is clear, a false mental illness claim is an unethical way for an attorney to settle a divorce case especially when your client has suffered crisis already. NOTE: To refute this Ad Litem appointment and Kathy Ronan report Rhnea agreed to undergo extensive testing by Dr. Berl Best of Branson, Missouri to validate her impeccable competency. As expected she tested very strong and proves the Ad Litem was bogus and the mental health report by Kathy Ronan was dishonest and fraudulent. Rhnea is known by thousands and thousands of people worldwide to be a gifted, intelligent, and capable woman who is more than mentally competent. In effect , they took Rhnea’s first amendment rights away and appointed an ad Litem to speak for her, but that didn’t happen…That Ad Litem attorney, Karen Dice never spoke. Rhnea was never able to speak in court and those who were bogusly appointed to speak for her never did either. She was never allowed to tell what she knew. As a matter of fact, she was forbidden. We are asking that all of her family, friends and the good people of Alabama and the United States rally to her cause to receive the justice every American deserves. Your support is crucial as the court has made it difficult for Rhnea to publicly speak for herself. So we must speak for her and I assure you we will. Rhnea needs for all of her family and friends to stand with her during the David and Goliath battle. For more information : go to http://www.rhneabrigade.com/home.php

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