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James  Walbert
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This petition is to address the lack of governing laws to date within the State Of Kansas. As, it stands to date, the State of Kansas address's no lawful approach to uphold any provision for the Illegal act of forcing a constituent of the State of Kansas to be Required, coerced, or compelled", or put under the forced act of taking an RFID Subcutaneously Identification Device and or Devices,through the acts of and or which includes, physical violence, threat, intimidation, retaliation, or the conditioning of any private or public benefit or care on consent to implantation, including employment, promotion, or other employment benefit, or by any means that causes a reasonable person of ordinary susceptibilities to acquiesce to implantation when he or she otherwise would not, but does not include legitimate medical uses for which the patient or his or her guardian or parent has consented. As, it stands these unlawful acts are in the dire need of being addressed within the State of Kansas. As, it stands to date the State of Kansas lacks the lawful provisioning as the other outlined 21 States within the United States,that have already taken this action against this unlawful act. These matter's are outlined in the House Bills and Senate Bill's, as such, within the following States of the United States. a) In the matter of The State of Colorado under House Bill 07- 1082, b) In the matter of The State of North Dakota under Senate Bill 2415, c) In the matter of The State of Oklahoma under Senate Bill 47& House Bill 2092-07 d) In the matter of The State of Missouri under House Bill 550, e) In the matter of The State of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Bill, f) In the matter of The State of Georgia under Senate Bill 235, g) In the matter of The State of Wisconsin under Assembly Bill 290, h) In the matter of The State of California under Senate Bill 362, i) In the matter of The State of Virginia under Senate Bill 1046, j) In the matter of The State of Tennessee under House Bill 2059, k) In the matter of The State of Ohio under Senate Bill 349, l) In the matter of The State of New Hampshire under House Bill 686, m) In the matter of The State of Alaska under Senate Bill 293. The Constituents of the State of Kansas, as well as The United States of America, are now petitioning the offices of the Governor Sam Brownback for this re provisioning of the implementation of a statutory law, that addresses these Illegal acts, of the above mentioned concerns.


  • Robert Gyr
    Robert Gyr United States, Lake Butler
    Mar 13, 2017
    Mar 13, 2017
    Stop this criminal activity.
  • Robert Gyr
    Robert Gyr United States, Live Oak
    Feb 01, 2017
    Feb 01, 2017
    Stop this invasion of privacy and attack on freedoms.
  • adam radciffe
    adam radciffe United Kingdom, Bristol
    Aug 29, 2016
    Aug 29, 2016
    I would like people to say no it all I don't like idea of transhuman society or society where everyone has to have some kind of device in them I am jehovahs witness on medical grounds and I do not like idea of any implant at all there's always a problem with them I am glad this exists becuase people need to take a stand I like idea of anti suit if one exists I might make some lead clothes I find the idea of implantable devices a step to towards a society where the government deicdes literally everything what any one does or thinks which is crap if they do implant devices good luck with septicaemia the whole idea is awfull if you ask me
    I don't want to live in a society where other people governments or corporations decide on who has a brain or what people are thinks and I hate the idea of a non private society one where people have no privacy at from anything I think there are better uses of our time and what we strive for
    I'm sure with brain implants you could lose free will or your ability to have your own mind also well it's just an awful idea
    I reckon they could create a derren brown society where some people are like him and they tell you what to think or do I believe cyborgs won't live very long and that's :hard enough as it is its bad enough the corrupt drugs industry which is like the guns and bombs industry
    it's crap the medical industry is corrupt and moving toward a type bio tyrant society and it s bad enough as it is that just my view thanks for reading
  • Willard Max Imamoto
    Willard Max Imamoto United States, Honolulu
    Mar 22, 2015
    Mar 22, 2015
    How Targeted Individuals & all these 300 topics have in common
    Soldiers in Afghanistan Iraq & with Syria ISIS 2nd Amendment Rights & the Right to bear Arms Law Enforcement Officers
    & Crime & how there lives are Intentionally being put Imminent Dangers & how ALL belows Topics have in Common?
    This is the very shocking Truth with #TI victims #Mind Control #Cyber Bullying #Project Mkultra #Gang Stalking & 10's
    of millions of Children misdiagnosed with having #Suicide #ADHD #ADD #PTSD #ODD #Autism #Aspies #Tourettes & even
    #Schizophrenia #Bipolar #Dual Diagnosis & the Elderly with #Dementia the & even the #EPA #FCC and Chronic EMF Exposure
    Deceptions derived thruough the E.P.R.I. reports (electric power research institute & the Instruments used for this research)
    causing absolute carcinogen B to #Breast Cancer #Cancers #Tumors & absolute causes to #Heart All #Autoimmune Diseases #Birth
    Defects #Miscarriages & the USA is the Only & Last civilized Country in the world who has not established any guidelines or
    Prudent Cautionary policies & the EPA recanted a long time ago in a statement issued on the dangers associated with
    Chronic EMF/Microwave exposure my wordpress blogs & Has All the information
    condensed into 13 pages on what Physical Evidence to look for that will expose an Intentional avoidance of Liability
    that has created the Intention failures to inform or warn to the above Diseases & for starters its a Intention Medical
    Malpractice you know why the HEALTH SYSTEM in the USA has never taken any of these tests on anyone with these diseases
    & even with the #FDA when Iatrogenesis pharmaceuticals) is the 1 cause of Death were F-upped (it is currently the #3
    cause of Death according to the National Agency findings) & just by Gathering Simple Physical Evidence thru Imaging
    Study's such MRI fMRI SPECT & PET scans Anti Psychotics affects the brain at a structural level, for example increasing
    the volume of the BASAL GANGLIA (especially the CAUDATE NUCLEUS, and the THALAMUS, and reducing cortical GREY MATTER
    volume in different brain areas.
    The effects may differ for typical versus atypical antipsychotics and may interact with different stages of disorders.
    Death of NEURONS in the CEREBRAL CORTEX especially in women, has been linked to the use of both typical and atypical
    antipsychotics for Individuals with ALZHEIMERS.
    The usage of antipsychotics for about two years led to a significant overall SHRINKAGE IN BRAIN TISSUE about 8-11%, in
    both GRAY and WHITE MATTER across several brain areas, with lower GLIAL CELL COUNTS, due to a decrease in ASTROCYTES and
    I’ve included other side effects that affects so many other areas of the crainum, such as the central nervous system,
    autonomous nervous system, cerebral cortex, cerebellar cortex, hypothalamus; subthalamus, - putamen, globus pallidus,
    endocrine system, all the nucleus and nuclei, anterior horn, lateral horn, posterior horn,neurons are the core components
    of the nervous system affecting, signaling, synapses, networks, brain spinal cord, ganglia, sensory neurons, sensory organs,
    motor neurons, muscle contractions, glands, and so many other areas of the cranium.
    My Businesses will be establishing with the many Foreign Neurologist & Neuro-Immunologists & Imunnologists and Especially
    Personal Injury Lawyers on the Subject of Traumatic Brain Injury (now referred to as TBI) and the neurobiological deficits
    that can occur, and then Secondary Mechanisms of injury, and Assessing TBI results in Variable Constellations of
    Neurobehavioral Disorders such as cognitive or intellectual deficits, behavioral and personality changes, and mood, etc
    (which Defendants Research Publications is already indicating and I’ve Expounded Upon), and then going beyond TBI and
    secondary mechanisms of injury that also goes into the Central Nervous System and Endocrine System from a Neuroimmunology
    to Immunology standpoint that requires Careful attention, and detailed monitoring of ALL DEFICITS biological,
    biophysiological, Metabolic, Hormonal, Enzymes etc., effects from structural brain damage that can affect the total
    schematics from a psychoendoneuroimmunological standpoint that affects heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cancers
    and Shortened Life expectancies by 25-30 years.
    i WILL BE SHOWING iATROGENESIS has already exceeded the Holocaust & all world wars & the war on terrorism combined.
    What is HAPPENING TO EVEYBODY IS CALLED PROJECT P.E.N.I. the study of emotions & creating psycho-socials stressors & the
    creator of like symptom logy's of All Mental Health Consumers
    My Prototype is the Second Piece of Evidence that is needed & is Imperative How Project P.E.N.I. is being conducted on
    the General Public here in the USA Parts of Europe & Japan through the instruments they are using with EMF/Microwave
    Chronic Exposure Assesments.
    The instruments are Acoustics Electromagnets Microwaves Elastic Wave Scattering & a Computer & Programing that
    controls the outgoing non ionized radiation all done on a multi level structuring.
    I can stop terrorists/ISIS easily & permanently besides so much more thru a prototype.
    This technology could have saved every soldiers lives in Afghanistan & Iraq & every where else in the World before 911.
    Airports, Borders Anywhere Could have used the Instruments mentioned above or Now my Prototype & tap any ones memory of
    Disclose of my prototype is available & &
    -the-Diversity-of-Mind-Control/137554503118598 &
    there are thousands of books on this subject that supports my stance from all over the world which which includes
    Communication instruments that has simular functions as well that will prove & expose that National Security is a bunch
    of crook and so is spying my Blogs & website show in detail through Images the areas of the cranium where these instruments
    target for Mind Control & in tapping memory at 100% every time & that is why National security is a bunch of Crock Even
    Soldiers dying needlessly in the war on Terrorism its goes beyond being Expendable& these areas are already proven facts
    in every Medical Journal and/or publications.
    This Instruments sounds highly technical but it really isn't high tech stuff because these instruments were first used
    in the 1950's with Germany & Spying because it could penetrate concrete walls.
    I've eliminated all Complicated Wave Equations & Out Going Radiation to one forth of what a cell phone produces.
    YOUR PAYING TO KILL YOURSELVES & many will go into Iatrogenic Proverty (cuurrently
    way over 100 thousand in the USA alone fall Pray to this)
    The State Defendants are referenced below. The Defendants in Federal Court Dr. Peter Breggin, &
    all the below are Research Neurologists & Psychologists who are referenced from the University of Pittsburgh & the
    Departments of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, & Statistics, Harvard Medical School & the Department of Psychiatry, The
    University of Iowa & Neuroscience, & the University of UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior. My Qui Tam
    Complaint implicates "ALL DEFENDANTS in both Courts referenced, & thru Interest in Federal Funding thru all Big
    Pharma's & America Psychiatric Association the Conduits implicates all the States in the USA. Now my Qui Tam
    Complaint states a 50 Trillion Dollars Gov. Fraud Case against the States from the year 2000 - present, BUT WHAT MY
    QUI TAM COMPLAINT STATES is that the United States Gov. is FRAUDING THE TAXPAYERS of this Money that
    WILL AFIRMATIVELY LEAD TO SEQUESTRATION that is Supported by Genuine issues of material facts.THESE ARE THE CIVIL SUIT
    NUMBERS FOR REFERENCES CV No. Willard Max Imamoto vs. Hawaii State Hospital et al, CV No. Willard Max Imamoto vs. Kahi
    Mohala Hospital et al, CV No. 1100551 ACK RLP, CV No. 11-00781 DAE KSC, & CV No 12-1-2761-11 RAN & is supported with
    Cert.Court Documents, Depositions upon oral examinations by a cert. court reporter written interrogatories, & Bates Cert.
    Hospital Records. The Federal Government & the Health System IS PUTTING YOUR LIVES IN DANGER, & YOUR FAMILY & THE GENERAL
    the Way when Iatrogenesis (just pharmaceuticals) is the #1 cause of Death your paying to Kill Yourselves Think about that
    & your Family/Freinds. Thru the Defendants & all the Counduits Intentional Avoidance of Liability that Created the
    Intentional Failures to Warn/Inform WHICH I LOCKED THEM INTO Establishes The Requisite of “INTENT” that GOES BEYOND MAN
    SLAUGHTER CHARGES once the determination of any deadly/fatal iatrogenesis outcomes occurs & thru the causal connection of
    antipsychotic usage &/or Over antipsychotic usage. My Yahoo website is Awesome, but lengthy & its exposes a lot more.

    I am the only True Anti Mental Health Entity Xposing all Buffer orgs because I took them to Court & how to Control a

    My WordPress Project P.E.N.I. the study of emotions & creating psycho-socials stressors & the biggest creater
    of "like" symptom logy's of Schizophrenics, Bipolar(s) Dual Diagnosed & the elderly with Dementia
    Short Link:

    TI victims Mind Control Cyber bullying Mkultra Gang Stalking Electronic harassment
    My WordPress Project P.E.N.I. Children with ADHD ADD Autism & the "New Market" 4 Methylphenadate Ritalin Adderal
    Antipsychotics & Anti-Depressants Polypharmacy the 700 % increase in over-misdiagnosis which turns children into Bipolar
    by the age of 8-10 BRING IN NAMI Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing

    My WordPress I DESTROY GOVERNMENTS EASILY & SO CAN ANYONE ELSE just by Gathering Simple Evidence Physical Imaging
    Tests MRI fMRI SPECT & PET scans & my Prototype I got everything down to a science PROVING the Causable Deniability

    My WordPress Higher Education the Worlds downfall through Intentional avoidance of Liability (Health system & science)
    that has already created the Intentional failures to Inform or Warn & Bring IN CRIMINAL CHARGES BEYOND MANSLAGHTER & in
    creating the total disregard & the Irresponsibility for a sustainable future
    Short link:

    My the Certainty of the Uncertainty of business/economy of tommorow creating a Federal dificit of 571 trillion
    through sequestration by the year 2037 through the Causible Deniabilty of these topics.'s-Downfall/684381944921495
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