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Providence Road Rezoning Request 2018-142

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We, the undersigned, petition the Charlotte City Council to deny Rezoning Petition 2018-142 submitted by Proffitt Dixon. This rezoning petition, if approved, would change the current R-3 zoning (3 dwelling units/acre) to R-8MF (CD) for 80 attached townhouses and INST (CD) for a 200 unit age-restricted building (active adult retirement community as defined under the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance). Approval of this rezoning is not reasonable and not in the public interest. Our reasons for requesting denial are as follows:

  • The Residential Density requested of 20 dwellings/acre for the age-restricted building-
    • Is inconsistent with the South District Plan
    • Is inconsistent with the Centers – Corridors – Wedges Growth Framework document.
    • Is not consistent with the residential development policies in the General Development Policies (GDP), adopted by Charlotte City Council in 2003.
    • Will establish a density of 20 units/acre for future rezoning petitions in this area
  • The Residential Density requested of 8 dwellings/acre in multi-family dwellings-
    • Is inconsistent in the character of all surrounding properties which are single family detached homes.
    • Is inconsistent with surrounding densities on parcels which abut the property:
      • On the west, Darby Hall has a density of approximately 5.1 dwellings/acre
      • On the north, Providence Landing has a density of approximately 1.8 dwellings/acre
      • On the south, Lynbridge Drive has a density of less than 1 dwelling/acre
      • On the east, Hampton Leas has densities of 3 to 4 dwellings/acre
  • This proposal results in the 8 existing single family homes being torn down, and would have a negative impact on the stability of this residential area.
  • This request would increase the traffic on this section of Providence Road by almost 3.5% from its current highly congested volume of 35,000 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) per NCDOT particularly during the evening commute when traffic currently backs up past the proposed entrance.
    • Traffic on Providence Road will increase as more parcels in the area are redeveloped from their current use to more intensive uses even under current residential zoning. (i.e. a single dwelling on a large lot replaced by 3 dwellings).
    • Approving higher density will only accelerate the traffic overload on Providence Road with no relief in sight.
    • Traffic will seek other alternatives (Sardis Road, Old Providence Road, Colony Road, Carmel Road, which roads cannot accommodate increased traffic currently) in an effort to avoid the backup on Providence Road.
    • It is doubtful that any effort to construct a traffic signal at the entrance to this development will get necessary approval from NCDOT and CDOT based on their respective criteria for traffic signalization.
    • The northern “right in – right out” entrance will result in u-turns on Providence Road both north and south of this development for almost every vehicle trip further increasing traffic congestion.
  • The current proposal for the age-restricted building would result in a four story, 55 foot high, 200 unit single building erected on a 605 foot elevation dominating the streetscape of Providence Road.
    • This would significantly alter the current residential streetscape.
    • This would be inconsistent with the Centers – Corridors – Wedges Growth Framework document which calls for “existing neighborhoods to be preserved and enhanced” (p.23)
    • This would be inconsistent with the established constraints for higher residential density listed in the GDP (p. 23) which states as a Guiding Principle: “Protect and enhance the character of existing neighborhoods” (p. 19).
    • Under Sections 9.503(.5) and 9.303(19) of the Charlotte zoning ordinance the current site plan has failed to give consideration to the following: (1) the topography and necessary grading; (2) the reasonable preservation of the natural features of the land and vegetation; (3) the size and relationship of buildings which are not even shown on the site plan; and (4) the character of/or relationship to adjoining properties.
  • The developer has not yet submitted this development for Subdivision approval which may require a second entrance for ingress/egress to Providence Road, in addition to other requirements.
  • Charlotte Water does not have sufficient information to recommend whether additional sewer capacity will be required.
  • CDOT has required that the internal road network be connected so that the 80 multi-family units will connect to the road servicing the 200 unit age-restricted building, contrary to the road network as shown on the current site plan.

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