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Rewrite for Last Two Chapters of Naruto with Proper ending and Making Narusaku canon

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The last two chapters were a tragedy and terrible in of itself as an ending as it didn't make sense, as it didn't follow the storyline that was built up for 698 chapters especially for the character development. If these two chapters are rewritten Kishimoto could easily dismiss them and the movie as part of the IT or even a dream that Naruto was having while knocked out. However if it is not agreed then we the fans will not support Shonen Jump or buy any of its products anymore and will boycott the movie as these two chapters completely contradict the entire storyline that was built up for 698 chapters and is a disservice to those who have been avid fans and following the storyline for many years. This was clearly an attempt at more money, which is a tragedy in of itself when a writer sacrifices his authorial integrity to the readers for money. If they truly wanted this ending then why did even Perriot Studios support the Narusaku pairing so much by showing so many Narusaku based openings and endings for the episodes along with so many moments in the previous movies. Also all those filler episodes that supported the Narusaku pairing. For them to now say that it was a pale crush and that he always wanted to be with Hinata after it never showed that in the manga and after they made so much Narusaku based openings and endings and movies especially Road to Ninja with the parallels between Naruto and Sakura and Minato and Kushina, they are just being hypocrites and liars.

The characters don't even feel like themselves anymore, especially Naruto, Sakura and Saskue. I mean they showed Sakura reverting back to her part 1 self where she is running back to Saskue after everything he has done to her after showing that she was slowly getting over him. Saskue seems completely out of character as for the entire series he clearly showed and stated that he did not love her, as he has tried to kill her three times and just 3 chapters ago he said he did not love her and placed her in a genjutsu where he kills her over and over again. Even before he turned evil he had no interest in her so the last two chapters make no sense. Worst of all was Naruto and the pairing between him and Sakura. All evidence showed that he was supposed to end up with her, as it clearly showed that they were growing into a relationship. From the very beginning of the series Naruto has been in love with Sakura and throughout the series you could see the change in relationship where she couldn't stand him to showing signs that she was falling in love with him. These two had the most build up and development of any couple in the entire series. They had been through everything together and learned about each other in ways no one in ways no one else never could. I mean other characters even hinted at them loving each other from Yamato's comments, to Sai's comments on how they interact around each other and even Tsunade and for 698 chapters he was in love with her and it end like this, he gave up. He supposed to be the guy who never gives up and after hinting at it for 15 years and 698 chapters for it to end like this no way! And don't say that it will be resolved in the movie because there is NO WAY IN HELL that a little less than 2 hour movie can explain how those relationships happened when there was barely any development and replaced a relationship that was happening 15 years in the making and had the most development of any relationship in the series and had all the foreshadowing, parallels and evidence you could think of. They had all the foreshadowing and parallel comparisons with the previous generations, and wasn't Naruto's generation supposed to surpass the others and succeed where the other failed. That's where the parallel comparisons between and Obito and Rin, and Jaraiya and Tsunade come in. Those couples had some romantic affiliation and were in the same exact positions on their teams as Naruto and Sakura were on theirs but each failed in the area of love. This is where Narusaku was supposed to succeed and surpass fitting in with the theme of the story. Even more foreshadowing was from Minato and Kushina. They were an exact mirror image of Naruto and Sakura with their relationship, especially with how they met and how their relationship grew. Only they died and did not get to have a long happy family, whereas Naruto and Sakura should have succeeded. Kushina also said to find a girl like her and clearly Sakura is a lot like her, even Minato said so which was another foreshadowing. I mean what about Naruto's nindo, to never give up and that he'd never go back on his word, so why would he give up on the one person that means the most to him. He's defied the odds multiple times, accomplishing tasks that literally seem impossible always finding some way to beat the odds and win never giving up no matter what no matter how hopeless it seemed and yet give up on one the most important part's of his life the one he's loved all this time. He quite literally did the impossible with fulfilling his promise of a lifetime, and your telling me that he gave up on Sakura, the one he loves the one who literally became integrated into the theme and tied all these together. He bent over backwards doing so much for her to prove his love even risking it to fulfill his promise to her, because of how much he loved her. So for him to end up with her would be him winning her love the right way, showing how he loves her purely and honestly. Without him winning her heart and giving up it is as if he betrayed his ninja way which is not him, he's Naruto the guy who never gives up. Without them gettng together it as if what was the whole point of the storyline, it just destroys it if they are not together. So it is only fair after doing all these things he gets to be with the person who tied all these together in the story the one he truly loves Sakura, because as it stands neither of them seem truly happy in the chapter 699 and 700 that released on the internet. Even more so they seem to betray everything we knew about them in these final chapters especially Naruto. I mean it is as if the entire ending is just messed up like some bad nightmare or a bad fanfic. If they were to get together it would be the final thing that helps this story go down as one the best manga/ anime stories of all time, the boy who started out with nothing but accomplished everything he dreamed by never giving up. Because this future portrayed without her he seems to be failing at everything he tried for except being hokage which still in the way he recieves it seems to be somewhat a failure as he just got it so soon because Kakashi stepped down. While at the same time he neglects his son failing in family, he's not with his friends anymore failing in friendship and he failed in love because he gave up on being with Sakura which makes it seem that he just settled and he just doesn't generally seem happy. That is Kishimoto has got to fix this nightmare and make Naruto and Sakura the canon couple, everything pointed to them being together, and without it, it destroys the storyline and crushes everything that was before it up to 698 and makes it irrelevant. It was as if they were soul mates and without each other there futures do not seem very happy, but if they get together it seems that then they would be truly happy as they were everytime they were around each other before, almost as if they need each other to balance each other out and complete the other like heaven and earth.

It just isn't imaginable these things happening if he ended up with Sakura as she would keep him balanced and would even help him as a top notch ninja/medical-nin which would relieve the burdens of being Hokage and help him succeed in his personal life as well, instead of being some stay at home house maid. Like I said non of this makes sense and Kishimoto needs to fix this nightmare somehow like make it a genjutsu or part of the IT. Most importantly Naruto is the one who is supposed to change the hearts of those he meets. He managed to change the heart of Kurama who was the embodiment of hate and even Saskue, but to not be able to change the heart of the one person he loves the most into actually falling in love with him "which she clearly was" makes no sense.

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