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Revoke NBC's Olympic Broadcasting Rights 2012

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Forget NBC-National Broadcasting Corporation, let's all face it, this year's Olympic coverage was so hideous by close Day 2 that the historical network should be forced to change it's acronym's meaning to Nothing But Complaints! Just like Michael Phelps brought on his first loss by not adequately preparing or training for the race, NBC has only itself to blame when looking to point peacock feathers rationalizing their atrocious coverage. Why, Brian Williams, does it make any sense whatsoever to your veteran commentator brain, not to utter those three words every Olympic fan needs to hear if looking to avoid undeserved mental anguish? "Spoiler Alert Ahead!" So incredibly offensive, NBC continuously proclaiming that watching events live is as simple as logging onto the network's site and streaming. Brian Williams' syndrome must be contagious. Execs at the network must've been too distracted pruning feathers to notice that their online streaming solution involves users actually having to pay a cable provider (an enormous monthly fee) to watch a global event that's since the inception of television essentially has allotted for free broadcasting! Yes, NBC, this is exactly what the United States of America needs right now as we are trying to rebound from destructive economic patterns that financially wiped out the majority of citizens. We need to pay to watch competitions intended to unify us with the rest of the world. We need to dig deep into our kids' back to school clothing allowance funds and fork over those bucks to you so you can afford additional extraneous amenities for countless years. Way to go, NBC, thanks for looking out for those you serve. Without the average viewing public your network's need in everyday society becomes obsolete. How are your executives then going to afford 6,000 square foot houses, private planes and exotic vacations? Participating in Olympic events live alongside the rest of the world may not seem important to a minority group of individuals who personally get to explore foreign countries or learn about their city's cultural distinctions first-hand? But to the majority of American's who currently struggle to make ends meet, the least your prestigious network executives can do, is ensure that our detached second-hand experience hitting us through television screens is timely and not ruined by your shows' commentators revealing race results prior to the actual viewing of the event. If you're like me and have had enough of watching NBC waltz off with my Olympic dreams by preventing me from properly enjoying coverage, sign this petition and let's work together to strip the network of its legendary broadcasting rights' status. Sometimes a peacock's fancy-schmancy plummage is just that--something pretty to look at if you feel like it. Come 2016, let's bestow the honor of Olympics' coverage upon a network that will honor their viewers by immersing them in the real world. The unaffordable, second-rate experiences edited by the elite minority for majority consumption deserve to be relegated to antiquated history. The Olympics were intended to cultivate global unity (just ask Greek athlete, Voula Papachristou). Don't let an American broadcasting giant altar the public consumption of this magnificent, legendary testament to all humans' strength, determination and self-sacrifice.


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