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Matteo Nagelberg
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Regardless of your political party, it is clear that your congress will not support your view. 86% of the voting public supported increased gun control, but it was not voted in. You do not have to support gun control to understand that your representative democracy is not representing you. We must referendum to change that. This is not to petition, this is an online agreement to sponsor and sign a petition within your state. Online petitions cannot referendum. If you want to start a petition in your community, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. See for your state's referendum laws. If a majority signs your petition, it will go into effect as a state law. 1. 32 states do not have laws for federal congress recall. Your referendum is the creation of a law that allows for the recall of a congressman. 2. ALL senators must be recalled immediately ex post facto the passage of section 1. 3. The establishment of binding pledges, or a declaration of an agenda that ALL elected officials from your state MUST vote in accordance with. If they vote in opposition to the agenda stated on their pledge, they will be recalled immediately, enforceable by state supreme court. 4. If congress passes less bills than the year before, NO CONGRESSMAN WILL RECEIVE PAY FOR THAT YEAR. They must pass more bills every single year or their salaries are forfeit. 5. If a congressman does not vote yes at least once per year, he or she will be recalled at the conclusion of that year's final session. 6. No congressman may pass a bill which affects the citizens but does not affect government officials.





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