Revision of Reservation

Tarun Kumar
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To every policy-maker in India,

We agree that a substantial populace in India has been suppressed in terms of opportunities and the nation's progress has not equally benefited these masses.

However, populist and vote-bank related politics has reduced the whole concept of "up-lift them through reservation" to "lure them through reservation".

Many well-deserving candidates do not get to be part of elite educational institutions because some political party wants to ensure its vote-share in the upcoming election.

Instead of reserving a part of seats in IITs and IIMs, why can we not reserve seats in schools?
Everyone deserves a fair chance at education and success.
People of Minority Communities, be it based on religion, caste, tribe or location of residence need a chance to prove their worth but not at the cost of merit.
Please don't provide them crutches, instead of ground to stand upon.
They need an opportunity, not your pity.

So politicians, if you are so concerned, do this:

1. Teach religion in Gurukuls and Madarsas, but also tech computers and science.

2. Don't reserve seats in Universities and Colleges, instead reserve seats in premier schools so that underprivileged students can compete on equal footing with others in the entrance exams.

3. Instead of reducing the standard of IITs and IIMs by flooding them with undeserving candidates in the name of reservation, raise the standard of primary and secondary education so our students can aspire for International scholarships for Harvard and Oxford.

All we are asking is an equal chance for everyone and not just appeasement.

Our country produces the best minds, please don't drive them away.

We believe that every single Indian has the potential to succeed in whatever field they choose to and together make India the greatest and most progressive nation on Earth. Please don't rob them of the chance to do so!





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