Revise the Allied Healthcare Practitioner Sectoral Agreement and MOU

Joseph Castillo
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The sectoral agreement has some good points but has serious flaws that in our opinion will undermine the professions forming the Allied Healthcare Community of Practice. This diverse community is brought together by 4 key characteristics - clinical acumen, patient care, technical expertise and service management. We believe that the sectoral agreement undermine the AHP management structure at all levels. Starting at departmental level, this agreement eliminated the departmental manager who is needed to coordinate all the services. Further down the structure the agreement eliminates service unit team leaders who are the catalyst for service innovations and professional development. We are concerned that the sectoral agreement is fragmenting all the professions resulting in a weakened group. We understand that the main idea behind this sectoral agreement was to create a flat organisation. We believe that a flat organisation is not suitable for such a diverse group within such a volatile healthcare profession. We the undersigned are therefore petitioning the UHM and GWU to revise the sectoral agreement.




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